Thursday, October 20, 2011

small animals that turned out GREAT BIG (Part II)

The Atlas Moth and Butterfly Queen Alexandra Bird Wing (if here call it Butterfly Elephant) is the largest species of moths and butterflies that can have a wing span of 30 cm. Atlas moth can be found in Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago and parts of India. Silk from the cocoon can be used and even used to make bags of women in Taiwan.

gan worms

gan its cocoon ...

Butterfly species is known territorial males and even been seen to pursue and expel a small bird that comes into its territory. gile ... mentang2 big brave he was ... wkwkwk ...

Spoiler for tarantulas plate:

Why called the Plate? because the size of dinner plates which are about 25 cm. Tarantulas are laba2 soil type, that's why he was always hunting and trapping the prey rather than using nets like laba2 most.

It weighs 170 grams and can reach the food certainly is not just a small serangga2. Birds, rats, bats, lizards and even snakes into the daily diet of this laba2.

Although scary, these animals are not aggressive and bite "he said" not so painful and its venom is not so dangerous. 3.8 cm long fangs turned out not to be feared.

Its fur turns to watch out because if it feels threatened tarantula can vibrate the stomach and small and sharp bristles that can be detached. If contact with skin it will stick and cause itching, but the danger into the eye is very likely not be issued again except by surgery.

Spoiler for tarantula hawk wasp:

Tarantula Hawk Wasp weh ... complicated name bener yak ... hehehe. Beetle from New Mexico is not a beetle indiscriminate and if Agan met him, just one advice ... "Do Not Disturb." He was among the largest beetle families with a length of 5 cm.

Sting is described as a nail punctured heat electrically charged ... waks ..!!! and it turns out he was given the name tarantula because these animals can catch a tarantula ... wow ...!!

Arrested continue to be eaten so Gan ...?? weitss ntar first ... tarantula was arrested for his gan ... Gini .. beetles lay their eggs would be stung by a tarantula hunt, but not until dead .. just a lame wrote .. continue later taken to the hole where the beetle was laying ... nah fit children beetle eggs hatch larvae will eat the tarantula om, "which is still alive btw," until they become large and out of the hole ...

Maybe the child beetle gini said yes right out of the hole ...
"Yum yum yum ... thank ya dah treated Om ..." wkwkwkwkwk ...

Spoiler for walking sticks:

There are about 3000 species of stick insect, and are included in the genus Phobaeticus - the Giant Walking Stick - is the longest insect living today. Her body alone can reach 33 cm from head to tip of abdomen.

Although herbivores, some species can secrete substances that cause itching secretions as a defense mechanism. If contact with eyes, these substances can cause momentary blindness.

Spoiler for the giant isopod:

Well ... is a type of isopod crustaceans (shellfish). If Agan go to the beach, for example at Ancol, try batu2 clay at the edge of the beach ... nah definitely a lot of small isopod seliweran there.

But if I want a giant isopod Agan clay must nyelem to the ocean floor first. Isopod are carrion eaters and giant Isopod charge scavenging fish and other large marine animals such as whales are up to the seabed.

Bathynomus giant Isopod of the genus typically grow to 30 inches 76 cm tau Gan ... wow half a meter more ... wkwkwkwkwk

There are also species which are parasitic isopod and live in the mouth of the fish. His name Cymothoa exigua, the replacement of the tongue. This little one will go into the mouth of the fish and stay on the tongue and then suck the blood from the tongue of the fish. The tongue will eventually shrink due to lack of blood but the isopod does not want the fish to death. So he would replace the position of the fish's tongue while he was there and continue to drink the blood of the fish ...
Wow ... That's just wicked ..!


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