Friday, October 21, 2011

Warming: 72 Years Married Couple Dies Hand in Hand

Couples who have been married for 72 years, died with hand in hand. Both last breath in a hospital in the U.S. after an accident.

As quoted by ABC News, Gordon Yeager (94 years) and his wife Norma (90 years) left his home in the small town of State Center, Iowa, Wednesday (10/19/2011). They planned to go to downtown Iowa.

But they never get to Iowa. Car accident makes the couple entered the hospital emergency room. Both suffered broken bones and several injuries.

According to the couple's children, Donna Sheets (71 years), when it was in the hospital, his father and mother still cared about each other. "She (Norma) said his chest hurt and he asked how the father," said their son, Dennis Yeager (52 years). "While the father felt his back hurt and he was also asked how our mother," he added.

When the hospital informed the couple's condition nor better, they finally put in one room. In the room, they lay in bed side by side and both were holding hands.

"They held hands.'s Father and mother with her right hand left hand," the story of Sheets.

Gordon Yeager last breath at 15:38. At that time he was not breathing. But the family was surprised to see the heart monitor screen.

"We look to the monitor if the heart was still beating. The nurse said the father takes the mother's heartbeat through the mother's hand," said Sheets.

"We thought, Oh my God, mother's heart was still beating through his father," added Yeager.

An hour later, Norma Yeager died, after her husband. "My father always said a woman worth waiting for. Daddy waited an hour and hold the door for him," said Dennis again.

Couples who are faithful to the end was married in 1939 at the day Norma Yeager graduated from high school. Throughout life, they hold together. Both are always traveled together.

"They always do everything together. They never separated, absolutely never," said Sheets.

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