Friday, October 21, 2011

Capacity Arema Jaya Teguh Angga

Jaya Teguh Angga apparently fared very lucky this season. Persema Malang had discarded, rejected Persik Kediri and Persebaya Surabaya, now he pass the selection in Arema FC. Yes, JTA became the latest player coach recruits Milomir Seslija.

In addition to JTA, the other players are directly tied Singo Edan is a former defender Persisam Usep Munandar Samarinda. Whereas almost equal status with JTA Usep, discarded his club and had failed during follow selection in Persela Lamongan.

Usep Munandar had several days following the selection in the cage Persela, Lamongan Surajaya Stadium. But his game was as expected Persela coach Miroslav Janu. Joko Tingkir rejected Laskar, Usep tried their luck in Arema and it worked.

Practical JTA and Usep have the same story. It does not take his team, the club was rejected during the selection at the lower level, turned out to get a top level club status. Contract certainty both spoken Arema FC Media Officer Noor Ramadan.

"By joining Usep and Jaya, Arema now has 23 players. We hope to meet a quota of 25 players prior to team registration closes on 26 October," said Noor, Friday (21/10).

JTA is less than a week following the selection, the plan would be plotted as a coating Noh Alam Shah as a target man. Speed ​​Milo and his posture is considered qualified as a lone striker up front.

While Usep going to need a little close behind the line after the group left Purwaka Yudhi, Waluyo and Benny Wahyudi. Arema now looking for two players to stay longer and prioritized for a position in defense.

"Concentration Arema now on defense, could be the position of full back or center back. While other sectors are sufficient," added Noor. Although these last two recruitment club had rejected a lower level, Singo Edan not seem to care.

Still according to Noor, rejected a player in a club that does not mean poor quality. But it could be due to inappropriate selection of the team needs. Indeed, the coach himself had Milomir Seslija assess JTA can still develop according to her appearance when the trial counter Arema Putra Jaya, which was won 5-1.

In these trials JTA Arema scored one goal victory. "He's a player whose character is similar to Noh Alam Shah. Posture is good and his young age allows him to grow again," said Milo for the former national team squad.

Milo must now move quickly to get additional players, because the position of the defense still needs attention. If Usep projected as a center back, then the new Arema had two players in this position in addition to Leonard Tupamahu.

Arema party not sure whether the recent recruitment later by selection or transfer. "Look at the situation first. If there is still time selection, yes we selksi. But when it's urgent, we can directly transfer," said Noor. (Strong Setiawan)

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