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Facts Happens Palestinian conflict - Israel


Here are the Facts That Happen Palestinian conflict - Israel

for more complete source who check in spoiler in this trit ..
sources only ane ga dr who take pro palestine but also
explanation of why the media rarely discuss this because they lack the guts

Israel and allies atrocities actually not a secret anymore.
Spoiler for 1:

Did Agan that the Palestinian population residing in the area Israel had to use a vehicle with paint and a special color to distinguish between the races besides Jews and Jews? [Warnya dirahasiain dteror let ga ma israel org]

Spoiler for 2:

Did you know that eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights
regarded by the international community especially the west and America as a region
Israel occupied and is not part of Israel? [Even the Allies wrote mengakuin israel israel's occupation but still reasonable diem wrote his name ally]

Spoiler for 3:

Did you know that Israel allocates 85% of water is given to the Jewish race and
Distribute the remaining 15% for the entire Palestinian population residing in the region
Israel? In reality, Israel is allocated 85% of water is given to 400 residents
Jews in Hebron, while 15% were allocated to 120's of thousands of Palestinians in
that area? [Severe ga just attacked by land and by air but until aer the sabotage] is more complete click dsini

Spoiler for 4:

Did you know that Americans allocate 5 billion U.S. $ of income tax each year to contribute to Israel? [$ 1 = Rp.8.600 X 5 billion = gmn ga lot of israel have a full arsenal this much fund Quote dpt] source =

Spoiler for 5:

Did you know that America continues to provide military assistance to Israel amounted to 1.8 billion U.S. $ every year? And did you know that the amount was equal to the contribution of America to the entire country on the African continent? [Turns 5M $ above is not for the cost of the war .. it turns out there is again an additional $ 1.8m] source =

Spoiler for 6:

Did you know that Israel is also waiting for help to battle an additional $ 4 billion U.S. $ of America consisting of F 16 fighter planes, Apache and Blackhawk? And because America is a major coalition of State for Israel, it shall provide all facilities required Israel to guarantee its existence. [5M + $ 1.8m $ 4M Still not ask again]
source =

Spoiler for 7:

Did you know that the American government has been pressing Congress about the Israeli violations in the use of weapons that they tune it? Especially a in 1978, 1979 and in 1982 the war in Lebanon and the use of nuclear weapons in 1981. [Lagi2 Americans are imaginable usilnya hands behind Israel's nuclear ban slama ini.mereka but instead make-]
Source =

Spoiler for 8:

Did you know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East who refused to sign a ban on nuclear weapons development? And refused Investigation Team
UN to inspect its nuclear hideout? [But UN Iraq diem klo mpe wrote in acak2]

Spoiler for 9:

Did you know that before the founding of Israel in 1948, already has a factory
Development of nuclear weapons? [Surely the Americans are so kebaca]
source =

Spoiler for 10:

Did you know that the Israeli High Officers in the Department of War to admit openly that the Israeli military killing all Palestinian prisoners of war without trial? [Lagi2 ga human rights apply for the Palestinian people]
Source = Jewwatch

Spoiler for 11:

Did you know that Israel's place of residence of the exploding American diplomats and American warships attacked the Liberty in international waters in 1967? Although the attack killed 33 American soldiers and wounded another 177, but the Americans did not take any action against Israel? Only on the grounds that the Israeli army misdirected? [Amrik Quote weird rakyatny willing to sacrifice for their country this meddlesome 1]

Spoiler for 12:

Did you know that Israel is the country most widely ignore the UN Security Council resolutions? The number of resolutions ignored by Israel reached 69 units. Imagine if an Islamic state ignores a UN resolution, what will be done by Americans? [DORRR! It was the attack that occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan]

Spoiler for 13:

Did you know that the Israeli government to use the political system of conservation of Jewish racial identity in order to remain a citizen of that State? [Less ideology ane what is conservation]

Spoiler for 14:

Did you know that Israel's Supreme Court has determined Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a suspect in the massacre of Shabra and Syatilla on September 16, 1982 in Lebanon that killed more than 1,000 Palestinians were composed of children, women and elderly people [but ga on apaain]

Spoiler for 15:

Did you know that on May 20, 1990, an Israeli soldier told the Palestinian workers who were waiting for a bus at a bus stop to sit in rows on the ground, after which he fired at them from the history of half a meter? Up again you know that the Israeli government declared the soldier was not guilty, and even received a special award from the Israeli government? [Sad]
Spoiler for 16:

Did you know that until 1988, all factories and offices in Israel may only be
attach a job description with the words: "a job only for the Jewish race", "sought an employee on condition of the Jewish race" [evidence racist Jewish nation]

Spoiler for 17:

Did you know that the Israeli Foreign Ministry pays six U.S. media companies to create a positive image of Israel to the United States and Europe? [Could bnget money politics kya Indonesian political party]

Spoiler for 18:

Did you know that Sharon invited radical Molodeit Party to become a major coalition in the cabinet? Though the party's radical ideology with the perception of the subject
cleanse Israel of Jews and non-racial forcible expulsion of all Palestinians from Israel? ['m dibata newbie ni the party]

Spoiler for 19:

Did you know that the big monk in Israel who is also founder Joseph Ofadya Syas Party (the third largest party in Israel) supported the military action of Israel to kill Palestinians? He even issued a fatwa radical at the feast of Passover ago in an interview in a radio network the largest in Israel: "God will repay all the evil Arabs, God will destroy the seed, finish him off and destroying the land and God will reward them with a grievous penalty. Therefore prohibited all Jewish race to provide a sense of compassion for the Arabs, and obligatory for every Jew to fire missiles and gun to the chest and the head of every Arab citizen to finish him off, because they were evil and accursed creatures "... ...
[Sadis ni super racist org !!!...]

Spoiler for 20:

Did you know that Palestinian refugees in the world? [They are scattered in many parts of the world lebanon.Arab.malaysia.Qatar.indonesia.dll]

Spoiler for 21:

Did you know that the population of Palestinian Christians are united with Muslim Palestinians to fight the Jewish occupiers? [Blum know later sought out good bnget ni]

Spoiler for 22:

You know, even though Israel's Supreme Court has issued a decision banning torture in the examination process, but Shinbet (Israeli Intelligence) continues to torture any Palestinian fighters in its inspection process? [Ahh .. it's Sepik MA israel ..]

Spoiler for 23:

Did you know that even if Israel continues to disrupt the learning process and destroy the entire infrastructure of educational facilities and the Palestinians, but Palestinians remain the largest country in the world whose inhabitants hold a doctorate (S3)? This is when seen from the percentage of the population. [Smoga this gara2 Palestinians could return forward]

Spoiler for 24:

Did you know that Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gorion agreed to move the entire race forcible expulsion of Israeli Arabs? [Kaco pdhal ga smuwa race arab muslim .. one more proof of this a racist nation

Spoiler for 25:

Did you know that every human being has the same rights guaranteed by international human rights law issued on December 10, 1948? But did you know that the law did not apply to the Palestinian population? Because it prevented the signing of the Oslo agreement?
[The UN considers as Palestinians are not human]

Spoiler for 26:

Did you know that the majority of the world's history books say the States
Israeli Arabs who attack first in the 1967 war? When in fact, actually Israel that the Arab nations attacked first and then they took the city of Al-Quds and the West Bank? But they said that the attack was an attack to keep yourself and anticipation? [Clever twist facts pdhal paletina attacked in 1948]

Spoiler for 27:

Did you know that Israel as a colonial state was not bound by the Geneva convention to safeguard the rights and safety of Palestinian civilians? [The civilians involved are strictly prohibited within the field of battle]

Spoiler for 28:

Did you know that the order Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is no longer followed by the Israeli military? One example is when he forbade the Israeli military to conduct an immediate ceasefire and are prohibited from firing, but the Israeli military continued to attack, opened fire on Palestinian civilians and destroying their homes. The incident was the most heartbreaking you slaughter the three Palestinian women, when they are in his tents? [Very sad]

Spoiler for 29:

Did you know that Israel continues to make great efforts to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock since 50 years ago by digging underground mosque to collapse on itself? [Certain other later dbarengi same conspiracy.]

Spoiler for 30:

Did you know that South African President Nelson Mandela said that Israel is a State of racism and apartheid like conditions in South Africa before he led? [I stuju Mr. Mandela]

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