Friday, October 21, 2011

Magdalena if Pengasuh S3KSI

Beautiful and sexy presenter Magdalena now have a new gawean. He is now a grandfather of three caregivers narcissistic, nosy and ridiculous. Wow! Just look at the action.

All it will only exist in the new show on Trans TV program entitled 'Grandfather Grandfather Narsis'. Comedy talk show that will be guided by Ronal Surapraja, Indra Birowo and Ananda Omesh. Of course not forgetting the beautiful co-host actress Magdalena.

Those three will discuss the evolving issues that are packed in a light, funny and informative.

On this occasion Magdalene who became co-host the program by using a uniform look sexy nanny.

Not to forget, CCN's guest stars are sexy girls are ready to pamper your eyes before the rest of the night.

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