Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautiful Big Difference Between Girls And Money

A beautiful young girl sent a letter to a popular magazine, with the title:
"What should I do to be able to marry a rich guy?"

I will be honest about what I will try to say here. This year I was 25 tahun.Saya very beautiful, has a good taste to fashion. I want to marry a man with an income of at least $ 500ribu/tahun. You may think I matre, but earning $ 1juta/tahun only regarded as middle class in New York.

My requirements are not high. Does anyone on this forum have an income of $ 500ribu/tahun?
Are you all married? What I want to ask: What should I do to marry a rich man like you?

The richest ever date me only $ 250rb/tahun. If someone wants to move into the elite residential area in Garden City, New York, earning $ 250rb/tahun not enough.

With humility, I would like to ask:
Where the rich lajang2 hang out?
What age range should I look?
Why most wives of wealthy-looking orang2 standards?
I've met some women who have the appearance is not attractive, but they could marry a rich guy?
How do you decide who can be your wife, and who can only be a girlfriend?


This is the reply from a guy who worked at Wall Street Financial:

I have read your letter with spirit. I think a lot gadis2 out there who have the same question. Allow me to analyze your situation as a professional.

My annual income of more than $ 500rb, according syaratmu. So I hope things do not think I main2 here. From a business side, is the wrong decision to marry.

The answer is easy, I try to explain, try to place the "beauty" and "money" side by side, where you try swapping beauty with money: party A provides beauty, and party B pays for it, thing makes sense. But there is a problem here, your beauty will disappear, but my money will not go away without good reason. In fact, my income might increase from year to year, but you will not be more beautiful year after year. Therefore, from an economic standpoint, I was an asset that will increase, and you are the assets that will shrink. Not just normal depreciation, but exponential depreciation.

If only the (beauty) that your assets, your score will be very worried about the next 10 years. Of rules

we use in Wall Street, every exchange has a position, dating with you is also an exchange position.

If the exchange rate goes down, we'll sell it and is a bad idea to save in the long run, such as

Your wedding you want. It may sound harsh, but to make wise decisions, any assets with great depreciation value will be sold or "leased". Anyone with an annual income of $ 500rb, not people bodah. We only go out with you, but will not marry you.

I would suggest that you forget to look for ways to marry the rich. You better make yourself a rich man with an income of $ 500rb/tahun. This opportunity is better than looking for the rich fool. Mudah2an replies can help. If you are interested in service "lease credit", contact me.

JP Morgan

NB: Cowo that any age can get married young and beautiful girls ama provided that whenever he had money, while the girls assets will decrease in line with age. So, so cowo be better than girls, naughty idup can rest! marriage age of 40 would still make it, the age of 50 want to look for mistresses college kids can too! provided that no money, girls!? age 30 and over already deserted the market.

And the rest terpenting.adalah also love your partner what it is without looking at the material and kecantikan.juga trust each other .. to trust a relationship will work well to face the trials that are difficult with your partner

- Andrew Alexander - # ixzz1bTjVubAI

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