Friday, October 21, 2011

Members of the House Kissing in Elevator

Video nasty Wew longer circulating representatives in the elevator, Videos pair of men and women were kissing in the elevator of a building circulating in cyberspace. The video was excited because it is suspected the man is representative of the people. In the video footage of CCTV in the elevator scene shows French kiss. The man using the black suit, while the women wear a green blouse like uniform civil dab a cream scarf.

Not yet known whether both partners are husband and wife or not. The man was not yet known who the identity. Despite wearing black suits, but there is no eagle pin. Thus difficult to ascertain whether or not he representative of the people.

Location lift 'romance' is also not clear whether the elevator in a building owned by representatives of the people even though there are some similarities in terms of interior floors and walls.

We look forward to what is going splashy wrote it? Do not ask me link download video DPR Kissing in Elevator at my own because I do not know.


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