Friday, October 21, 2011

Rare collection of Titanic's sinking ship auctioned (Black and White Photographs)

and the number of unique photo has not been published previously associated with the Titanic accident on 15 April 1912 will be sold at auction and entrance hall. Similarly, reported by Yahoo News, Friday (21/10/2011

Some relics are from survivors of the sinking of the Titanic named John and Nelle Pillsbury Snyder who recently returned from their honeymoon when disaster struck. In addition to photographs, handwriting of the survivors will also be auctioned.

They are one of those who came on board a float and then rescued the ship Carpathia, the ship first arrived on the scene that morning.

Collection will be sold through Philip Weiss Auctions on 22 October and the lowest tender was opened at number 36 thousand U.S. dollars (USD 327 million). The full collection of any []

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