Friday, October 21, 2011

Advanced Super Soldiers In The Future

Technology in the world continues to evolve. In 2020, the military around the world will be able to take advantage of technology like never before in human history. With technologies such as robotics and nanotechnology, then we will be able to create super soldiers of the future.
Here is the definitive characteristics of super soldiers in the battlefield of the future:
Originally Posted by 1. Super Human Strength
Soldiers of the future will be supported framework intelligent machines that will double his physical strength. With this super frame, either using robotic technology or nanotechnology, this army will be able to move / run faster, longer, carrying heavy loads by simply removing a bit of energy.

Expenses that can be lifted with the technological enhancement is expected to operate more than 200 kg. Soldiers will also be able to carry larger weapons which previously could only be carried by military vehicles, and carrying ammunition which is more complete. When his friend was hurt, then he can lift his friend very easily.
Originally Posted by 2. Protective clothing Super With Nanotechnology
Clothes future soldiers will be much stronger than Kevlar and super lightweight. This is possible by using a nanotechnology material that is super strong. Some materials such as carbon nanotubes nanotechnology exceed the rigors of even the diamond.

This shirt will be much more resistant to even a large-caliber bullet, hold a very powerful blast, even resistant to extreme weather such as extreme heat or cold.

Currently widely used is the material of metal or ceramic composites, heavy weight and flexibility and mobility disrupt the army. While the clothes that nanotechnology will be strengthened as light and flexible as ordinary clothing of fabric. This makes these soldiers will be able to move more quickly and efficiently (rapid movement).

Even the U.S. Defense Department is conducting research protective clothing that is able to anticipate the arrival of shells as well as airbags in cars a class above. When the bullet came, and the super-sophisticated sensor will immediately strengthen the objectives that will be affected by these bullets.
Originally Posted by 3. Stealth Technology / Predator Effect
With nanotechnology materials technology that is able to adapt, this army clothes can change appearance according to its surroundings. The bottom line is this army apart deadly, will also be difficult to be seen by the enemy.
Spoiler for pic:

His clothes will change color to black at night, he will be colored dark green in the woods, colored sand in a desert, or white in winter. When he was in the urban areas, or at a party, so dress smart nanotechnology it will adjust by itself.
Originally Posted by 4. Advanced Tech Helmet Hud
Helmet-supported digital display technology will be able to provide views and information super detail from the battlefront. You can see what you do not see your enemy.

Helmet will be equipped with standard equipment that infra-red rays to see in darkness, also advanced screen-HUD (Heads Up Display, like the ones in advanced fighter aircraft) capable of providing tactical and strategic views, data and information real-time battlefield through Satellite.
Through the screen, the soldiers would know exactly the position and number of enemies. In a relaxed moment, this screen can also be to watch a DVD, Discovery Channel, and other channels.

This helmet also features a speaker who used to receive instructions and information directly from the operational headquarters, squad leader, and can also be used for listening to MP3 songs that play songs.
Originally Posted by 5. Supporting the sophisticated equipment
In addition to the above advantages, this technology also comes with a variety of equipment that supports the comfort of the soldiers of the future.

Drinking water bag that can be modified to six different kinds of beverages, from energy drinks, jasmine tea, juice, avocado, until coffee milk for night operations.

Mechanical devices with nanotechnology can do massage, acupuncture and massage akupressure in the shoulder, neck, arms, back and legs.

Soldiers will carry ration that allows it to survive in 6 days. After that, if necessary soldiers can easily use advanced satellite-based telecommunications system that can be used for calling.
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