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Venomous Animals in the World

See the picture image in this article, do not forget to remember the sweetness of face face. you should know that the faces of the above animals are animals that have the ability to create death, even if you meet the above please alert animals , with little fluid, secreted his body can make us mengehembuskan last breath.
Below is a little explanation about the biography of the animals executioners ..


Fish rock that his form mediocre, with a length of only about 30 cm, hiding on the seabed or under the coral reefs, disguised himself into a stone that does not attract attention. Even though you are standing at his side, he would remain silent does not move, so you do not see it. If not the heart - heart and stepped on it, the more ruthlessly he will soon hit back and ejects a deadly poison. A total of 12-14 stems such as needle sharp spines on its back that can easily penetrate the soles of your shoes and penetrate into the soles of the feet, so quickly you were poisoned, and continue to feel great pain until you meet death.

Toxic toads

Poisonous toads the same as other amphibians, the skin contains many glands, may issue a sticky liquid to moisten the skin while protecting himself. The release of highly poisonous toxins, making it one of the most venomous animal in the world. Besides humans, he has no natural enemies other . Toxins released from poisonous frogs in western Colombia, South America, is the most powerful poisons known today in the world, with only 1 gram 1/100.000 of poison is enough to cause one person to die of poisoning.

Funnel Webspider

Funnel Webspider is a spider that is poisonous in Australia. Is one of the spiders in the world's most deadly, violent and pugnacious, if humans exposed to the bite, will meet death within 15 minutes.

Blue Ring Octopus

Blue Ring Octopus and jellyfish-shaped box are two types of the most venomous marine animal. Toxins in the body fluid can cause death within minutes. Hingg asaat this, medically there is no way to bid poison, Blue Ring Octopus shy nature, like to hide under a rock, the new night out of the nest and find their prey.

Giant lizard Komodo dragon

Giant lizard Komodo dragons also called dragons, total body length could peak at 3 meters. But generally only about 2 meters, on an empty stomach may weigh 54 kg. After the meal may weigh 80 kg. Poison mainly derived from bacteria in his saliva, an adult will meet its end within 24 hours if bitten by it.

Red Black Spider

Red Black Spider is also one spider the most venomous, also called black widow. If bitten by it, at first very difficult to feel it, but 5 minutes later the wounds caused by the bite was just starting to feel hot and sore, if not promptly treated may be fatal.

King cobra snake

Cobra snake as his special prey to make a large number of other snake species shrunken fears, territories do not expect to be occupied other snakes. If the cobra made ​​surprise, he will become malignant, the front of the body will stand up straight, smooth tongue length and branching, head swinging with lively gestures follow their prey, and do not expect their prey can easily escape from it.
Snakes of Australia

Sea snakes that live in oceans Australia was second in a row of the most venomous snakes. Sea snakes are overgrown with a big snout , round the torso like a tube, the length, the back end and sides of a flat tail. Toxic nature even more ferocious than the cobra, if exposed to the bite, will find death in 10 minutes. This sea snakes live in an area the same waters with box jellyfish.

Box Jelly Fish

Also called sea wasps, belonging to the animal cavity (Coelenterata), live in the waters off the northeast coast , Australia. He often appeared in the shallow coastal marine waters of Queensland, and is regarded as being the most toxic to humans who are known in the world today. If bitten will meet death in a matter of seconds.

Sources: Unikboss

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