Friday, October 21, 2011

The most eerie legends Place in the World

Places with a dark history contained in the whole world. Visit places that are scary about going to the location where the spirits of the dead still roam the world. Even more frightening are the places were filled with spirits of another world that is not human.

The Screaming Tunnel, Warner Road Canada

Local legend tells that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, who fled with the clothes on fire from a burning farm buildings, and died in the tunnel wall. Several variants of other local legends are the girl was burned by his father who was angry after he lost custody of her children after divorce. Another story about a young girl who was raped in a tunnel and her body burned to remove traces. Clear the tunnel is always audible screams of the dying young girl, recognized this phenomenon is thought to be the origin of the name of the tunnel.

Bessie Little Bridge, Dayton
The ghost of a murdered girl named Bessie dijembatan always return regularly to this bridge on Ridge Street. He was killed there on August 27, 1896, by her boyfriend, Albert J. Frantz. Bessie was pregnant and Albert did not want to have to marry her, so he shot his head and set the scene so that he died like a suicide. For some reason, however, he shot him twice, so it is clear that he did not do it alone. On 19 November 1897, Albert J. Frantz # 28,896 strapped to the electric chair at the Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus and was sentenced to death for first degree murder. Back to Montgomery County, Bessie Little ghost continues to haunt the bridge.

Ohio University, USA
Wilson Hall, famous for a girl (supposedly a witch) who committed suicide shortly after writing about demons and supernatural things on the wall in the room with his own blood. Five tombs that form a pentagram around the campus, the administration building located in the middle of the sign of Satan. Washington Hall, which is famous for its boarding team basketball players all of whom died tragically due to severe collisions, their ghosts still haunt the hall, and sometimes we can hear them dribble. Catacombs Jefferson Hall, where many ghost sightings have occurred. And finally on the ridge there is a mental hospital, known for thousands labotamies and electro shock therapy. In addition, one patient disappeared, and was found five weeks later, his body rotting on the floor and leave stains that outline his body. These stains can still be seen today.

Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania
one mile from Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania is an area that has many reports of paranormal activity and strange happenings. The report said that when the animals entered this haunted region next to the stretch of road, they suddenly from being usual, after returning there the wounds of violence and even people. The road is surrounded by darkness, fog and creepy forest where white apparitions and voices that can not be explained. No one knows for sure why this short section of road haunted but theory suggests that this place can be connected with the cult and curses that occur in this area in the past.

Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco
Alcatraz Island, believed to be the devil by Native Americans, has been for centuries a place of accident, homicide, and suicide. With this dark history, it's no wonder Alcatraz is said to be one of the most haunted places. If ghosts return to haunt the place where they suffered traumatic experiences when they were alive, then Alcatraz must be crowded with spirits. Over the years there have been reports of mysterious events on the island of Alcatraz. These reports are from the visitors, former guards, former prisoners, and national park employees.
On foggy nights often seen apparitions lighthouse built in 1854 and the earthquake devastated San Francisco in 1906 that came with the flashing lights hjau accompanied by rattling sounds, screams, cries and suddenly disappear again.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
This magnificent medieval palace perched on the rocks, providing stunning views of the hills of Scotland. But inside the empty spaces and narrow streets of Edinburgh, there are echoes of death. At least, that's what has been reported. Creepy places daiantaranya fortress prison cell, South Bridge vaults and former road that used to quarantine for koraban-Black Death plague victims. There are also reports of a ghost dog, a headless drummer, and the bodies of seven-year prisoner of war with France and the War of American Independence.

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