Friday, October 21, 2011

Ocean Ambassadors Ball Tournament Voly SBVC Defeat WHITE SAND 3: 2

Media Bawean, October 22, 2011

Son Tournament Final Match Ball Voly Ocean Ambassador Open 2011 held on Friday night and Saturday (10.21.2011), housed at the Field Ambassador Ocean, Sawahlaut, Sawahmulya, Sangkapura, Bawean Island, Gresik.

Sources Rejo Volleyball Club (SBVC) Pudakit Eastern origin, Sangkapura play against Club White Sands Tajung origin, Sungairujing, Sangkapura. Both clubs reinforced by a national player from mainland Java.

Exclaimed the game makes a lot of spectators captivated by the strength of both clubs are equally strong, so the game lasted 5 sets. The results match the first set SBVC vs. WHITE SAND 22: 25 (Victory WHITE SAND), a second set of 22: 25 (Victory WHITE SAND), the third set 25: 22 (Victory SBVC), the fourth set 25: 23 (Victory SBVC), and set fifth 15: 11 (Victory SBVC).

While the title race III and IV, Princess Club equalize between the Club VOCABA of Gelam against BIVOC (Carbaka) with a victory VOCABA Club.

Voly Ball Tournament Open 2011 Ocean Ambassador for Rp.28juta first prize, awarded prizes to Club SBVC as a champion I (the Son) to obtain money for Rp.9juta coaching, WHITE SAND Club as winners of the Second (son) to obtain money for Rp.6juta coaching. While the Club VOCABA as the champion III (Princess) obtain money for Rp.1juta coaching, and as a champion BIVOC IV (Princess) to obtain money for Rp.500ribu coaching.

KONI District Tournament Voly Sangkapura in Ocean Ambassadors Ball Open 2011 set as the best player is the son of Jamal from Club Paradis, and Atika as the best player from Club MBVC daughter. (Bst)

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