Friday, October 21, 2011

Red halter Sulikah No Longer Burning Passion Beautiful Poetry I Poetry-2011

Kang Kusno like the color red
He said, the Red burning passion
Memerahnya red on my face
Red on my lips wet
Red at the tip of my tits
Withered night never out of noise
My neck had always lived in red

It seems that ten years ago, I do not know ....
At that time, Sulikah flower village just got married
Enjoying every night with a stiff pubic Kusno
Hear all the whispers about his desire to woo Kusno
Permeates every body friction Kusno thereon as a new wife
Sulikah not pregnant, Sulikah still flawless luxury village development
Sulikah definitely happy, Sulikah always embarrassed laugh every Kusno magnificent

Sulikah upset
Every night Kusno no longer sleep at home
Sulikah cry, cry all children one by one
Night only Sulikah and time goes by
Though passions no longer Kusno Sulikah shirtless
Kusno come, Sulikah wearing red vests, the color of passion plant
"Red was behind kutangmu Sulikah slack, I no longer like the color red!"
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