Thursday, October 20, 2011

Price Comparison Data Access GPRS

Internet access in Indonesia is Boom. It can be seen from the proliferation of ISPs in every corners of the area. Do not miss the mobile operators began to show their advantages in terms of data access. GPRS era has begun to lag, now entered the era of 3G and 3.5 G more promising data access up to 3.8 Mbps.
This connection was already more widespread and can already be enjoyed in big cities in Indonesia. Here are price comparison data access connections provided by cellular operators in Indonesia.

There are also 3rd party that provides mobile data access services such as:

With the price comparison as above, we are able to choose which operator to choose from, what mode to use (time based, volume based, or package).
Already murahkan Internet prices in Indonesia?
Already competing with the price of internet connection, how is the fate of the ISP / Warnet in Indonesia?
Content such as whether the diaccess by Netter in Indonesia?
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