Friday, October 21, 2011

Dating Over time, 25% of couples Bored & Disconnect

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Jakarta - A study released by the site Good in Bed, found that 25% of dating couples who long to feel bored and eventually break. Bored here range from dating activities that lived up to the relationship itself.

Interestingly, this felt more women than men. To prevent this from happening in your relationship, try the following tips:

1. Gather with friends
When dating, you probably spend more time with him than my friends. This will actually increase the risk of boredom relationships go through because too often met.

With the balance of time hanging out with friends, then you will have fresh ideas that can be applied when meeting with the him.

2. In House Only
When things are tight financially and you avoid having to spend time dating outside the home, stay at home is the best way. You can have a precious time for yourself and your family (if you still live at home). Starting from browsing the internet, watching tv or dvd, to perform a particular hobby. If you want to involve your partner, then this could be an option:

- Main Game. Ranging from video games to play puzzle and card games can be a fun activity. Every now and then acting like a child it is recommended that the more intimate relationship.
- Cook. Cooking together will strengthen the sense of togetherness and solidarity. Who knows you can both create a new recipe that would be an unforgettable moment.

3. New Dating Strategy
Dating consistent routine can be tedious if done in the days and hours are almost always the same. Try the following:
- Take time to write down anything that has never visited the place together.
- Categorize the type of activities, such as sports, food, hobbies, romantic things to the business.
- Write down ideas and keep in a jar.
- When you wish to go on a date, take those ideas at random.
- Have fun!

4. Mysterious Dating
This can be done once a month. Dating mystery full of surprises and unplanned, but make sure you have told the couple to follow it. You could suddenly take her to a place full of nostalgia when first dating up to eat at a new place with absolutely no thought about before.

5. Prioritize Moment Have fun
If you really intend to kill the boredom when dating, do not ever think that dating is an obligation. Focus on fun things that will be obtained. Idleness can be done anytime, but the intention to move and do fun things do require more effort.

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