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Dreams The Changing Face of World

Everyone has surely never dreamed while sleeping. Whether it's a beautiful dream, or even worse. There are also some confusing dream , in which we do not know anything what happened and the people involved in the dream. Stranger still, there are some dreams that are so real and true, therefore, many people who believe in dreams, even deliberately looking for "smart people" to interpret the meaning of dreams is going through. Here are four cases of a dream that really realistic that once shook the world.

1. German chemist, F . A. Friedrich Augustkekul

One day in the winter of 1864, a German chemist, Friedrich FA von Augustkekul Stradonitz (829-1896) sitting sleepily in front of the furnace wall, the atoms and molecules begin to dance (move) in a hallucination, a carbon atom bonds like snake biting its own tail tightly and spun in front of him.

Immediately after came out of his sleep, Friedrich finally understand it turns out that the benzene molecule is a chain. All available evidence indicates that the benzene molecule is so symmetrical, 6 carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms perfect symmetrically ordered, as well as forming a stable molecule. Previous decades, scientists still do not know for certain structures. Over this unexpected discovery, he was known as 'god ring' because it managed to reveal how the 6 carbon atoms of benzene molecule binds to the six hydrogen atoms.

2. Russian expert Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev Chemistry

February 1869, is related to the chemical constitution, the structure of the periodic table. When it was discovered 63 kinds of elements, without the inevitable scientists must consider whether the natural world that has a specific law, in order that these elements can be sequentially divided into various categories, and play their respective functions? Professor of chemistry who was 35 years old, Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev think hard about this issue, and the fatigue he sank into dreamland.

In his dream he saw a list, and successively the elements fall into the appropriate patch. After getting out he immediately recalled the draft list of ideas: the character of the elements was increased following the serial number or the atomic table, showing changes regularly.

In his list, Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev leave the column blank against the elements that are not yet known, and in a few years after that , 11 types of elements which diprediksikannya successively discovered, and regularly settled into a periodic table, especially helium, neon, krypton, xenon and radon are later found to provide additional new category on the structure of the periodic table, the various characters are surprisingly fit with the predictions. And the world certainly has elements with one look, he is like a large map, and chemical research in the future everything will depend on the image of this guide.

3. Biologists from Austria, Otto Loewi (1873-1961)

The night before the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in 1921, the Austrian biologist Otto Loewi awoke from his dream, he took a piece of paper and write something without the conscious, then drooped and fell asleep again. At 6 am the next day, she suddenly remembered yesterday to write something very important, however, he did not understand the symbols he wrote his own image. Fortunately, on the second day at 3 am, the new thinking that has passed it back again, which is a method of experimental design, can be used to prove whether the hypothesis was true of Otto Loewi stated that in 17 years ago.

Loewi got out of bed and rushed immediately to the laboratory, slaughtering two tailed frog, the frog's heart is removed and soaked in physiological saline, one of the first frog was brought wandering nerve, whereas the latter does not toads. Loewi using electrodes to stimulate nerves in the heart of the travelers of the first frog to be a slow heart rate, a few minutes and then soak the salt water was diverted into a container where the heart of the frog number two, and the results were number two frog heart rate becomes too slow.

The results of these experiments indicate, that the nerves do not directly affect the muscles, but rather through the release of chemical substances, when nerves in the heart of the travelers of the first frogs were given stimuli produce certain substances, they or any substance that dissolves in salt water and the effect on the heart of the frog number two. Thus the spread of chemical nerve impulses is known, he has opened a new research field, and make Loewi gain nobel prize in physiology and medicine 1936.

4. United Nations named Illyas Hall found a Sewing Machine

Reality for inventing something of thought which inspired through dreams is not a bit, the following is an example of a very well known. For this dream to make manual changes into mechanical work, and moreover until now used around the world, so people always remember.

Before industrially produced clothing, sewing needle is in everyone is the same view of the hole thread the needle is inserted at the end of the eye, thus, when the needle penetrates into the fabric, the new thread can enter. To tailor this manual no problem, however, industrial sewing machines to make the yarn used to penetrate the fabric. The inventor or creator of that time using a double needle or polijarum way, however, inefficient.

In the 1940s, an American named Illyas Hall in confusion because it can not resolve it finally fell asleep, and dreamed in his sleep with a bunch of wild men about to cut off his head or cooked to be eaten. The ins and outs of this case there are different versions, the short words are in a very unfavorable situation, with all his strength to get out of the cauldron or machetes to avoid, however, by the wild man he was threatened with a long spear, right at that moment he saw hole at the tip of the spear.

Because the dream, he decided to leave how to sew by hand for a reason. He designed a pinhole in the first instance in 1845 the engine was introduced, the speed of the machine can sew 250 needles per minute , faster than some professional tailors, and industrial sewing machines for truly efficient finally materialized.

Actually, everyone is familiar with the name of dreams, but supposedly he said, only the memory of the dreams that very clearly can only be closely related to the dreamer. While dreams are confusing does not contain the value of any consideration. Due to the dream became so successful that the four men mentioned above really make people jealous, actually from what dream?
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