Thursday, October 20, 2011

Implement Glagaspur Rengat Island KRI Level 1

October 20, 2011, Surabaya (Dispenarmatim): Ships of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) Island Rengat-711 carrying out tasks Tempur Rehearsals (Glagaspur) level 1 at Pier Koarmatim Ujung Surabaya on Thursday (20/10). Personnel who served in the warship is carrying out the activities of the roles in the post combat each corresponding with a manned combat equipment. All personnel performing their duties seriously and vigorously combat the high sea forces as soldiers are reliable and professional.

Glagaspur level 1 implemented for a month with a series of tests written test at the Command Training (Kolat) Koarmatim, lessons on the duties and responsibilities pengawak onboard equipment and training in place a combat role. In this exercise all activities supervised by a team of assessors from Kolat Koarmatim to monitor the readiness of personnel while performing their duties onboard and assess the readiness and professionalism of personnel in the control equipment is manned.

Globally, the roles that they carry out the role involves a few steps Operative, Administrative, and the Role of the Special Emergency. More specifically KRI Rengat Island has a basic function in the role of the current Operative combat role past the minefield, here the task performed is to carry out sweeping mines that have been detected and hunt mines are not known.

Another term of glagaspur level 1, ie L-1 were carried out regularly and continuously. KRI Rengat Island is an artificial mine-hunting ships that were in the top Dutch Ship Mine Action Unit (Satran) Koarmatim particularly a strategic function in the execution of amphibious operations are on the forefront among the formation of other warships.

Sources: Dispenarmatim

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