Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Human Story Ever stranded on the island is empty

Ever watch the movie Cast Away? which dibintang Tom Hanks, tells of a Fed Ex employee, who later when on his way to deliver the package kirimannya suddenly facing a storm and the ship flying the host hit by lightning and stranded disebuah empty island, a short story 4 years later doi who only accompanied volleyball named Wilson plans to exit from the island by making a raft of coconut trees ..
Johkn F. Kennedy and Crew (1917 - 1963) Surviving: 6 Days on the Island of Stone and Olasana In 1943, John F. Kennedy was then aged 26 years as skipper of PT-109 boat. And one night Japanese destroyers suddenly appeared and destroyed the boat PT-109 is manned by the crew of JFK, a total of 2 person crew were killed at the scene, while the survivors and injuries - cuts plunge into the water and paddling their flotsam into an island Nearby is 6 miles! with sharks and crocodiles that threaten their end until kepulau nearest after traveling for 5 hours! and for 2 days without eating and drinking on the island of stone, and with the idea of JFK they seek a larger island which was then named Olasana and can survive by eating coconuts. They were all discovered by members of the Boy Scouts after 6 Days! Interesting Fact: The island where Kennedy's stranded crew has become the main attraction, and has been renamed Kennedy Island.

2. Leendert Hasenbosch (1695-1725) Survived: Approximately 6 months on the island of Ascension, is a Dutch soldier who worked as a guard book pad VOC / librarian, she has been convicted of sodomy, (not know who disodominya yg), he then disposed of on May 5, 1725 kesebuah reply uninhabited island with the water supplied to ration a month! plant seeds, gospel, clothing and equipment writing. Trust Hasenboch who died with a pathetic condition by Seafarers UK in January 1726 after surviving six months by eating sea turtles, sea birds and drinking his own urine! Interesting Facts: The British sailors found a diary, later published and translated into English.

3. Marguerite de La Rocque (1523 -?) Survived: 2 years on the island of Satan, In 1542 French explorer Jacques Cartier who led the trip to Newfoundland with Marguerite de la Rocque 19 years, in perjalana Margrit became boyfriend of a young sailor who works as a waiter the ship. It is making his uncle Jaques Cartier angry sailors who also bleed Blue and then discard Margarit kesebuah uninhabited island off the coast of Labrador as well as the butler was in the exhaust to the other islands. Then on the island is blessed with a child Margarit, who in the end the child died from lack of milk, he lived in caves and hunting wild animals for 2 years before it finally in ketemukan by fishermen from the Basque or Spanyol.Fakta interest: Return to France after being saved and greeted like a celebrity, Marguerite story is then told the French queen was Queen of Navarre in 1558.

4. Captain Charles Bernard (1781-1840) Survived: 18 Month on Eagle Island, In 1812, the British ship stranded on the island of Isabella Eagle (Eagle Island) part of the Falkland Islands is commanded by Captain George Harrington. Then meraka discovered by American fishing vessels are commanded by Captain Nanina Charles Bernard, but the captain realized that they need a lot of food aid to see the conditions they are not likely to find food, then the captain along with 4 people its crew went to look for food on the island. When the captain was gone the British crew that took over the ship and left nanina Captain Bernard and his crew on the island!. Luckily they can all finally rescued after 18 Months! precisely in November 1814. Photo above shows bernard shelter captain and his crew, from its shape so that a passing ship can easily see them, after 18 months of the new evidence is there that see them. Interesting Fact: On the night of the rescue with a crew of British ship Isabella was the captain had time to talk - talk with them and tell all mereka.yang origins in fact at that time America was at war with England, because England is perhaps the crew did not want to be taken to America and made prisoners, they thought they'd better take over the ship and run Nanina than brought to America, (supposed to be the captain did not say much).

5. There Blackjack (1898 - 1983) Surviving: 2 Years on Wrangel Island, In the autumn of 1921 a team of five men who led by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Arctic expedition planned to hold a goal to claim an island in the area in dispute between Canada and the UK with the name of Wrangel Island north of Siberia. There are 23 of the Blackjack Eskimo girl hired by them for a fee of 50 U.S. $ a month as a cook and seamstress, Ada Blackjack need the money for her son who suffered from tuberculosis, they plan to walk for 1 year while the supplies they had brought only for 6 months. they can not find enough food and began to starve so that in January 1923 three of them tried to seek help. While There are 4 people left behind with the sick man to care for them, time passes and the three men never returned to the 4 people he treated eventually died as well. There is however also learn how to survive, until he was rescued in August 1923 by a former colleague of Stefansson's. The money he obtained from the expedition and then he used to take his son went to Seattle.Fakta interesting: There's getting all his salary for two years he joined the expedition, but he did not gain the slightest advantage of the very popular book yangditerbitkan by others from the story of the struggle his life.


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