Friday, October 21, 2011

Peek Construction of Swimming Pool Building a New House

viewers, this time I am reporting live from council buildings,

trial is currently underway on whether the determination is made swimming pools in the new Parliament building will be built .. the atmosphere was tense, the following coverage:
each fraction fraction now being held meetings

then summarized in a joint meeting

until they reached a unanimous

development was carried out

Security was prepared in order to counteract the action of the student demonstrations

but still, there are people who intend to take the opportunity

one by one pole mounted

Once, the family members of the council was delighted with the construction of this pool

while waiting for the finished pond is built, the board began the preparation

construction of a swimming pool was completed, and complete with a stage musical inaugurated

after the inauguration, unexpected booming demand, especially from family members of the council

his children ....

also a pet that was accidentally washed into the pool

so full, some members began to settle

far away in neighboring countries, this luxurious pool began to attract attention

time passed, fraud and misuse of the pool began to appear

short stories, a swimming pool so pamper everyone especially the members of the council
Impact .....
when the meeting took place after the swim session-do

calibaration-have calibaration, development capital from anyone huh?

Thus viewers, our report of a new building complex of the House
back to the peer, Farid .....

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