Saturday, October 22, 2011

Adverse Effects Eating And Drinking While Standing

Islamic religion and parents often forbid us to eat and drink while standing. It may sound like the usual advice , but apparently it is true and verifiable in terms of religion and health. Want to know?

A health study conducted one acupuncture acupuncturist, proving that the incoming water to drink while sitting way better than we were drinking in a way stand.

Water we drink while sitting will be screened by sfringer. Maskuler Sfringer is a structure (muscular) which can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close. Any water we drink will be provided at stations located in the kidney filtration.

Conversely, if we drink water by standing, the water that we drink it in without filtered again. The water can be directly to the bladder. When directly to the bladder, the ureter occurred in channel deposition.

Because many menyisa wastes in the ureter then this can cause kidney disease crystals. One of the dangerous kidney disease. Difficult urination is the cause.

Besides, would not drink while standing in an optimal refresh our bodies and absorbed water will quickly go down to the lower body organs. So that water can not be spread to all organs of the body because it did not get pumped by the heart. And as we all know, 80% more than our body consists of water!

As for when we eat while standing, there will be a reflux of stomach acid. In other words, the stomach acid going up into the esophagus and make cells irritated esophagus. Cells is due to irritation of the esophagus stomach acid pH is very acidic (pH 1 to 2.5) and is sometimes characterized by symptoms of burning the stifling heat in the chest (referred to as " heartburn "). If we remain stubborn habit to eat or drink while standing in the long term, irritation of the esophagus cells it will accumulate and cause esophagus cancer. How to prevent the reflux of stomach acid is to eat while sitting.

Sources: Akimlinovsisa

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