Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alternative treatments are Weird

Various diseases in the world is always followed by the need for appropriate medication to cure it. But not all drugs are able to heal quickly, or even none at all. For that reason, other than for the more expensive drug prices, people are turning to alternative medicine is natural and inexpensive.
But alternative medicine that was developed following very unusual and strange, because to cure a disease, for example, people were asked to drink frog juice, beer bath even eat (sorry) to eat dog feces. Here's the weirdest alternative medicine. Problem efficacious or not ... you should try it yourself!
1. Beetle juice to cure impotence
This is the original recipe to cure impotence Peru. Often referred to as the 'Peruvian Viagra', Extracto de shutter is reputedly the world's best aphrodisiac. Frog skinned and mixed with nuts, honey, aloe vera and maca (Latin American plant, known as kasiat erotic). Then gulp until exhausted to erect at once!
2. Drinking urine to cure cancer
This is not a new thing indeed, but it remains a strange drug. There are circles who believe drinking own urine can cure diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies and asthma. But the good effects of urine has not been proven in the medical world.
3. Beer bath in order to stay young
This recipe from the Czech youth. Starting from the city Chodova Plana in Czech Republic, the first beer opened a fitness center, offers a beer with mineral baths. Plus, the bar on the side of the tub.
4. Dirt Dogs for throat infection
If you get a throat infection that is quite severe but does not heal, even though you have gone anywhere, and drink a variety of drugs has also been desperate to cure it. Alternative medicine this one could be an alternative. This is the recipe: Dirt dogs that have been bleached as exposed to the air, mixed with a little honey, a drug to clear the throat infection ....
5. Stool for infection drug
Was feces or feces can be used to treat the intestinal infection, treatment can be carried out for 5 days. Stool samples taken from healthy people and then diluted to be inserted through the anus. Healthy bacteria will grow on the patient, which is then cured. Oh yes, the treatment can also be done via the nose ...
6. Maggots to heal the infection
Impulsive nature of the therapeutic use of maggots to eat the rotten meat. Perfect for cleaning the wound infection. Maggots are placed in the wound and they will parse the infected tissue, kill bacteria and heal. Of course after therapy, the maggots will be cleaned in order not to cause further infection.
8. Blood bat for eye infections
Ancient Egyptian society has experienced tough times during the plague of blindness that strike the area, because the bulk of the sun is high enough and compounded by the presence of desert storm. To address this problem, the doctors at the time of ancient Egypt using a bat that dripped blood on the patient's eyes. They think that the bat has an inside edge so that they use these drugs in patients


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