Friday, October 21, 2011

STCV Cup Tournament Teams Participate

Pre-season tournament that will be followed by Roma was not Inter Island Cup (IIC), but SCTV Cup. The tournament was initiated by a private television station will be held in Solo during the five days of the October 25 to October 30 next.
Participants turnemen cup SCTV was followed by View events, Persisam Samarinda, and the Pelita Jaya FC.
Roma coach, Jacksen F. Tiago stated Pesipura sporting willing to follow this because the official was invited by the tournament committee SCTV cup, three other contestants.
"Yes, after management signaled directly participate then we prepare ourselves to follow the tournament SCTV Solo cup in next week," said Jacksen last night.
The former coach said Persebaya management purposes Roma STCV cup tournament 2011 is because there are several considerations such as cost of accommodation, transportsai, trophy and prize money of USD 100 million is borne by the committee.
There was also some consideration of some other things such as the readiness of the players and benefits to team preparation ahead of the competition Indonesia super Leagua (ISL) or competition Indonesia Premier League (IPL) future.
"If there is no obstacle we went to Solo on 23 tomorrow with a quota of transportation tickets for 30 people including all players and offisial," he explained. (Ben / wen)

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