Friday, October 21, 2011

Revised Contract Persema Irfan

Irfan seems really regret having made ​​absent from the national team U-23 national training last week. How not, when the Disciplinary Commission (Komdis) PSSI new sanctions will be decided on Monday (24/10) front, now 23-year-old bomber was preparing to receive additional punishment from the club.

When properly sanctioned according Komdis contained in the code of discipline, then the Indonesia-Dutch mulatto player is inevitably going to play serving a ban for six months plus a fine of Rp 100 million. Consequently, besides having to pay a pretty fantastic material loss in value, the owner of the number one jersey 10 Persema it also can not be lowered in the event the Indonesian Premier League (IPL) 2011-2012.

If so, the club nicknamed the Warriors of Ken Arok will not hesitate to revise the contract sister in law Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan it. Indeed, Irfan was then dropped from the squad Radovski Slave. It's just right as the player will be adjusted again. "It's not crossed out, but about the salaries will be adjusted according Komdis sanctions. Period that can not be played, we should still pay the full salary? "Joked CEO Persema, Didied Poernawan Affandy.

Even so, it does not mean necessarily a hands-off management-related cases that drag idol star Ngalamania prisoner was sitting in a chair. Didied admitted, it will try to help that Irfan is not as heavy sanctions that have been mentioned. "We will try to talk to Komdis. We learn first case and look at the situation, in order to find the best way, "continued the man who is also known as lecturers.

Besides waiting for the verdict Komdis, in the near future management had planned to call to find out sitting Irfan case polemic that makes celebrities Jennifer Kurniawan's husband stumbled complicated problem. "In addition to waiting for confirmation Komdis, management will also be immediately called Irfan," continued Didied.

If Irfan lose until at least six months into the future, certainly be a blow for Warriors of Ken Arok. Because the Ajax academy dropout players were prepared to bang on the main builders. To complete the ammunition in the attack sector, management has even recruited as a candidate Emile Bertrand Mbamba Irfan tandem up front.
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