Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bung Karno: Penjambung People's Tongue

Bung Karno autobiography translations of Cindy Adams has experienced reprint many times since first published in 1966. But later it was discovered there were many errors in translation, even there also inserts, inserts the contents of which do not exist in the original manuscript. This could lead to misunderstanding in some of our national character. Therefore we welcome the publication of this revised edition. Hopefully this book can eliminate the misconceptions mentioned above and is able to provide a better understanding of the Bung Karno.

This book is ever published in the Soeharto era . Spread as if beneath the ground. Although the translators were military and foreword by Soeharto himself. In the military version, it is written that Sukarno called "Hatta's role in history does not exist".

Historians trace the Asvi Warman Adam that paragraph of that essay is not in the Cindy Adams. That is, conjured up in a military issue. Revised edition 2007: text sleight of hand that no longer exists. It is also interesting to see differences in the title of the original versions and translations. Original title is neutral: Sukarno: an Autobiography as toll to Cindy Adams. Title translations are very patriotic: Bung Karno: Tongue Connector People Indonesia.

Cindy Adams, the author of this book, got the idea to write the biography of Bung Karno was the U.S. ambassador, Howard Jones. Bung Karno was reluctant until he was "accidental" encounter with Cindy Adams, a beautiful journalist in her 30s was. Cindy is the wife of Joey Adams, a comedian who chaired Kennedy's mission to Southeast Asia. What is so " accidental " encounter? Other data: 10 years later, Cindy has been in the palace of Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran was about to write the biography of it. Unfortunately, the trigger-deposed dictator in 1979.

Please click here to download the book. Enjoy and keep sharing.

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