Saturday, October 22, 2011

Idiot Behaviour in Road Toll

"Is it because this nation was just riding a buffalo on the trail, until now after driving on the highway a long, forgetting behavior awareness-traffic pass? It's kinda sad, because without realizing it can be life-threatening stupidity as well as third parties. "

The comments came from Freddy Sutrisno, someone who is concerned with safety on the highway. "On the highway, the speed is very high. Distances of hundreds of meters can be terlibas in seconds "he said. If you are offended by the words above, including actor means you idiots on the highway.

Driving behavior is the highest cause of accidents on the highway. "Most often seen a car that runs quietly in the right lane. In fact, it should be used for overtaking. And so, another car was forced to overtake from the left that is actually far more dangerous, "said Freddy who is also senior staff at the PT Indomobil.

Following exposure to 10 most idiotic act on the highway. If you never do that, we are sure you include riders who are very intelligent and care about safety.

1. Stop at the right
If there is damage to the engine or transmission causing jamming (jam), stopped in the right lane can still be tolerated. But unfortunately that is often seen is the scene to replace a flat tire on the right side. Actually, if there is a flat tire , the rider can still move the car onto the shoulder of new emergency action. After all, drove a few yards with a flat tire will not damage the rim.

2. Less keep the current high-speed
Less distance while running hard can be fatal if the car in front to brake suddenly or experiencing an emergency. The faster the drive, the greater the braking distance. Well, if the distance to the front of the car did not suffice, any pileup is inevitable.

3. Cut Line
This scene is often seen around the entrance or exit toll. The new entrance directly take the right, while those going out to cut toll lane from right to left. It is very dangerous for high-speed traffic.

4. Retreat
This can often be found at the intersection (broken line). Many drivers are wrong, reckless and move backward direction. Despite the massive shoulder of the road with hazard lights on, the action is extremely dangerous because the driver behind can not anticipate the car back.

5. Slowly in the right lane
In addition to the truck or bus; now more and more private cars that drove in the right lane at low speed. In addition to violating the rules of the road toll, this behavior makes the vehicle more quickly forced to overtake from the left which is also wrong and dangerous.

6. Speeding on the shoulder of the road
In addition to being able to hit the car stopped in an emergency, this practice often leads to node congestion. Remember, the shoulder lane is used only for emergencies.

7. Behind the median cut
This behavior is often seen in the area after exiting the toll booth. Usually in the segment are divided into two (and out). Idiot drivers who want to back direction , immediately turned his car after the toll booth to re-enter the toll. It is dangerous currents that do not expect to "receive" the car turn directions.

8. Call or SMS
Although you are a racer or driver hero who has never hit a lifetime, using either cell phone to call or SMS while driving on the highway very high risk. These activities distract drivers and make the car maneuvers disrupt traffic. Usually characterized by the decline in velocity and direction were little changed.

9. Snack on the highway
It often happens on the highway outside the city that many traders fruit or snacks at the edges. This habit is dangerous to other road users, because the position of the car park or when maneuvering close to the merchant is very disturbing the flow of traffic behind him. In this case, the most guilty are the buyers. If you feel smarter than traders existing on the highway, avoid this habit.

10. Overspeed or underspeed
Each toll road would have been equipped speed limit signs for the corresponding maximum and minimum safety standards. Drove over the speed limit and do a zig-zag to maintain speed is not justified. It could be that drivers feel safer, but this maneuver endanger other drivers. Roads with a speed below the minimum threshold is also dangerous. A faster car can hold. Always meet the speed limit on the highway.

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