Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reasons Women Like This "foregoing"

Some women prefer men younger adults as a spouse or friend affair. This is seen from the results of a survey conducted health site WebMD. Than a third of respondents aged 40-69, say never making love with a man at least 10 years younger. And, one-sixth of the women in his 50s, said that rather date a man age of 40.

This phenomenon is addressed Dr. Tina B Tessina. Author of The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again it says, women are attracted to younger men over for want of togetherness. Matter is not the main thing anymore. Women have the desire to share a story or have fun, even through it is with sexual activity.

"Maybe also because the woman back to the 'free market' after passing through a grueling divorce," says Tina.

Similarly, younger men, aka foregoing. Some of them look attractive older woman. They look more attractive, mature, and experienced. Financial security and sexual desire is also to be pembuai get her.

Foregoing which tend to be "junior" in all things into his own appeal. Supposing, as a virgin untouched. Older women prefer to share the love with a young man who has not matured like this.

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