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Episode 28-29 - Connections patron god on October 20, 2011 every day on RCTI at 18.00 GMT on RCTI

Patron god Starring Naysilla Mirdad, Dude Harlino, Baim Wong and others again

Synopsis patron Gods:

DEWA (Naysilla Mirdad), is a tomboyish girl, who was raised as a boy by two adoptive parents, GITA (Cindy Fatikasari) and RUSLI (Tengku Firmansyah). Meanwhile, Diandra (Aura), adoptive sister is a woman who is more feminine and gentle.

God who is actually named Kania be part of the Rush family and Gita, after the couple lost son, god. Because abandoned his biological father, God had no objections were called Gods and educated and dressed like a man. While Diandra more fortunate because he only needs to be himself, therefore he became the girl obedient to both parents.

Diandra had no power to refuse when his father menunangkannya with YUDHA (Arifin Putra), a handsome businessman son Rusli business associates, although his heart is more focused on TAMA (Baim Wong) which is a sister Yudha.

It turned out that God could love Tama, Tama because of the attitude that God can comfort dikala remembered feeling sad because her real father. Tama while the heart and mind already focused on Diandra not realize it.

Loyal friend to accompany god in times of quiet and sad is the Sakti (Dude Harlino), his childhood friend who was none other than his family driver. They lived together from childhood. Without knowing God, Shakti is very fond of god, but because of their social status, he could not expect much. Located next to god and god is able to maintain a tremendous happiness to Sakti.

Gradually, the good days Sakti make god she is a woman feel special, not a woman and a tomboyish look for this person. But God can not deny that he was very loved Tama.

How is the continuation of the story of the life of god? ..

Synopsis patron Deity Episode 28-29

Yudha and Diandra wedding day arrives, before the contract occurs Yudha get an SMS from Yola if he would tell all the people - people that Yudha and Yola had been married siri. Direct Yudha imagine and it just means he destroys his life. Yudha think Yola must never tell people - people that can - can Burhan it off the list of families.

Yudha contact Yola Yola threatened and angry. Immediately asked Yudha Yola Yola reasoned dating because his stomach hurt. Yudha said he would soon come. Yola laughed happily, he said Yudha better to die than to be married to Diandra.

Yudha driver asked to leave, Yudha angry when reminded that his driver's wedding day Yudha.

Wiwi entertaining and ask Tama Tama Diandra forget that belongs Yudha. Wiwi will tell if in fact God is the Milky Kania, but Tama distracted attention when there are people who steal his car. Yola utilizing Tama to become a scapegoat discomfiture Yudha marriage.

Burhan blame for the absence Yudha Tama, Tama defended God and told he would not hurt Diandra to embarrass him on the wedding day. Burhan reasonable because it loves Diandra Tama.

Burhan contact Yudha, Yudha said he would finish his business is not yet finished and will be returned to the place of marriage.

Yola Tama use the car and crashed into a car driven by Yuhda. Yudha had an accident and want to make sure death Yudha Yola. Yola smear Yudha car with gasoline and burned. Yola is very happy.

Burhan asked that Gods do not heat up - Manasi said Yudha atmosphere by intentionally canceling the wedding. Ruslan Burhan told that he would cancel all its cooperation with Burhan.

The police came and told me that Yudha accident. It all came to the scene, Burhan and Diandra was devastated.

Yudha happy because he killed Yola Yudha but then realized that he had killed the father of her unborn child. Yola on Love story if he had killed Yudha, Love angry at Yola because acting out of line.

Tama confused as to what he should tell the police on car theft incident. Tama wonder why god wearing a black dress - black, god said Yudha had an accident and died. Dewa invites Tama to the funeral Yudha.

Tama said condolences on Burhan, Burhan angry and accused of killing Tama Yudha. Tama said he could not have killed his own brother. Burhan Tama apologize for accusing him.

God is very sad and thought what with the death Yudha, Tama and Diandra will get back together. Way to feel sorry for God, for surely he will lose all.

God told Diandra Diandra if possible get back together with Tama. Diandra will explain the relationship temple - puranya with Tama, but Diandra is still in mourning. God of the attack.

Gods and Gita say goodbye, but Ruslan said Gita should not go because it is his home too. Gita said he could not forgive Ruslan.

Sakti intend to deliver the Gods and the Gita, but Gita would not.

Burhan told Tama Tama going up to keep in touch with god, or start a relationship with Diandra. Burhan said Tama just hope one - only to bind family relationships with family Ruslan.

Sakti who accidentally heard Burhan angry because offhand Diandra told Tama back on and leave the Gods. Way did not want to make God sad. Burhan angry with Sakti Sakti because only an errand boy. Ruslan did not receive a passing galaxy Burha yelled. Ruslan asked if Sakti wrong, Burhan says he let her do the talking on the Way.

Tama stories on god Ruslan wondered why he always defended the Way and arrived - suddenly became vice president. God asked that Tama back to Diandra. Diandra passing feel offended because god told Tama back to him. Diandra said she wanted to see Gods and Tama happy. God will explain the relationship of the temple - the temple with all, but again - Diandra cut it anymore.

Description: there is an error in the previous synopsis names, it turns out Burhan Bonar. And Ita is the Gita.
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Connection patron god Episode 28-29 on October 20, 2011

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