Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Fatal Mistakes BlackBerry User

Now already loads of people who use BlackBerry smartphones, many of them because the Blackberry Messenger chat feature. Well due to all sorts of professional human species until gaptek using smart phones, it does not mean users are also quite clever. Sometimes handphonenya much more smart than the wearer.
But if technical problems or excusable clueless anyway, because his name technology is always evolving and not everyone can follow it well. Staying active and drinking Milo practicing every day, then you will not be clueless anymore.
Which according to MBDC including users "are not smart enough" beyond technical matters are people who abuse the features that already exist. Wearing these features do not fit his nature. This is inexcusable.
Here are some fatal errors using the Blackberry

1. Contact Name Use Character Alay

This is not the only cause doomsday visual, unsightly eyes, make eye sore for ngebaca, but also will trouble us if you want to find a contact person.
For example your name is Hans, then you replace a fuel contact:


Or if the name Donie be

*.:*¨ .. * •. ‧:: ‧ ĐōЙÑΪΣ ™ *.::**.:*¨

You will make a fuss of people who want to search quickly by typing the letters of your name it. Guaranteed not to meet. Loh why is that?? Still nanya? Yes, because the letters are not included in the Alay QWERTY keyboard that contains the letters of the alphabet a normal human being.
What must you do to face this situation:
Rename contacts that contain the letters alay him with his own name that you type normally.
2. Test Contact, No Need To Reply
More delicious to sleep, eye-kriyep kriyep already living a dream ... all of a sudden the sound of "ping", you instantly awake and ngecheck your BB, there is the purple message with the words:
Test contact, no need to reply. Tx
WTF? Disturb sleep I wrote lo! Want to show off a new BB? Or search for fun aja attention and let people be ngeh inget again if you exist in this world and can be contacted through the contact of fuel.
Man, today's technology has advanced. If you replace the handset Blackberry / PIN change, Blackberry servers can already do this in such a way that you do not need malem-malem bother others with test broadcast no need to contact your reply was unnecessary.
What must you do to face this situation:
Ignore aja, or if you want bales broadcastnya with "Okay test acceptable, but for the future should not be done again. Why? Try to read loe more open mind ".

3. Replace Profile Pic Every Minute

Every time you check recent updates, surely there's always that person who sits at the top with the status 'changed the display picture'. The pictures are always changing every few minutes. From vacation photos together his friends, again hold the baby photos of people, self-reflection mirror image, beloved mother of the same photo, photo with her ​​dog, etc..
In one day we can know about her life journey so far only from photographs alone. If the person pretty well pretty girl eye wash seger liatin change-change photographs, many times there is a weaving wrote again on the beach:)
What must you do to face this situation:
There's nothing you can do but to submit or delete your friend's contact.
4. Chatting on Status Updates
MBDC'm sure you've seen people who said-replication in status updates. Okay, if just to say happy birthday or congratulations to others what does not matter, but this vent until that!
Examples of situation like this:
18:20 Donnie changed status update: "I try my best, but failed. Why God? "
18:21 Hans changed status update: "Keep the spirit of my bro Donnie! Do not give up! "
18:24 Donnie changed status update: "@ Hans: Thanks brother, you're a true buddy ..."
18:25 Hans changed status update: "That's what friends are for, bro Donnie .. support u always! "
MBDC 18:26 Donnie removing from contact list.
MBDC 18:26 Hans removing from contact list.
18:27 MBDC changed status update: "Get a room, fags!"
What must you do to face this situation:
If in your contact list turns out there are people like Hans and Donnie type this, you better reduce the frequency ngecheck your recent updates. If tetep do not succeed, you can also make a sarcastic status updates of people who chat on that status.
5. Broadcast Message abuser
MBDC most hate this type. Middle malem more relaxed going back to bed there was a sudden sound of "ping", then you quickly check your blackberry, it turns out there diliat fitting purple message, reading:
"Once upon a time there was a mother who is very dear to her, blah blah blah blah .... Please forward this story to fuel the entire contact you or you will be the most sinful world ".
AAAARRRGRGGGHHH! It was passable immediately kill yourself or kill the person who sent it broadcast. Aja same Disturb not important!
Or in other situations, you are again the middle of driving, keep all of a sudden the sound "ping", fitting is opened there is a purple message with the words:
"THERE IN SUMATRA EARTHQUAKE! Potential Tsunami! Please be disseminated to the people to know the news! "
You panicked dong, keep wondering what bener not really, but because you are driving again, so you postpone looking for information. Eh not long after the Blackberry you the sound of "ping" again, you keep checking it turns out there is again a purple message from the sender the same as before, this time writing:
"Sorry, the news that had turned out wrong. Not happen in Sumatra. I'm sorry. Please spread this news so people would know if that was wrong ... "
Anjrit! Rich gini Quote ngeselin really well. Already know the news is not clear or is a hoax but already disseminated instantly. Fortunately you do not trigger complicated-looking information or nanya nanya people around you who are you to be contaminated plasticity ignorance.
But suddenly your Blackberry 2 minutes later the sound of "ping" again, you go, this time there is also a purple message, but from different people with the sender before. Posts decrypted message:
"Please do not broadcast news not so important, very disturbing others at all. If there is news it must be ensured for accuracy before the first broadcast-yack. Greetings! "
Aararrrggghhhh not long after you take gasoline and matches, flush your Blackberry with gasoline and burned it with a match until the end. And at that moment your heart feels so much relief ...
Well so it goes. Are you also a BlackBerry user? Do not make mistakes as we have written above it.

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