Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Most Horrible Torture Tools


Shoes injakannya who are duri2 sharp iron which is used to handcuff the feet of the inmates in the prison.

Heretic's Fork

2 eye front forks rear was tied at the neck, a direction in the plug under the chin and 1 on the plugs it again below the neck.


This tool is used specifically to punish the women. Women are told to sit in a chair who just above the river and after that the chair in naikturunkan of the river deep and dirty reply until the woman has been killed out of breath.


The inside of the arm to stab a sharp barbed kaki.Seharusnya this tool use the nails into wood antecedent arm front and rear legs, but because there are pictures ga.

Water Torture

This punishment came from Eastern Europe and usually do well in Japan. These penalties are forcing the victim to drink water in large numbers! and after the victim could not stand it anymore, well then that sentence is done, the executioner jumped right on top of abdominal bloating who have been forwarded to the dead ... ..

CAT'S Paws

Very simple, the victim was tied and the lift and this tool will perlahan2 tear the skin and the whole body of the victim to the bone.


Victim's hands and feet tied with rope in the opposite direction and the rope is pulled by force using the machine until the victim's body was destroyed and split 2

Quartering BY HORSES

Just like The Rack but if this one by one the hands and feet tied and drawn by one of the horses and simultaneously using the victim's body in a moment everything is disconnected from the body.

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