Friday, October 21, 2011

FIFA 12 Patch Released Today!

EA has just merilisi Consoles FIFA 12 patch, one of them resolve issues that impact on the goalie makes the online game is not balanced.
Before the patch is released, players can control the goalkeeper, and let the computer AI to keep their own country without being able to be penetrated by an opposing player with ease.
Based on input from the players of FIFA 12, this feature is finally removed by the EA with the release of this first patch. One of the EA forum admins, Dux0r, said that EA has decided to remove this feature because many are abusing this feature in the online play that have a negative impact to many other players. Thus the EA removing features that allow players to control the goalkeeper who was able to be done by pressing the back / select, and let the AI ​​to keep the defense on all types of online games. This feature can still be used in offline games.
In addition to the removal of the features already mentioned above, this patch will also contain:
- Improving the situation where players get Fut Store empty and non-functioning of the motion.
- Fix crash when using tactics Fut custom.
- Fix a hard lock occurs when a player handed Contract Manager after buying the Bronze Premium Pack in Fut.
- Improving the situation where players have the condition after a disconnect from the Fut Fut connected for 5 seconds.
- Enhance the ability of servers to accelerate the process Fut transaction.
- Improving the situation where the game becomes a player hangs when downloading Game Face.
- Improve the current state of online team play can be controlled by other players.
Currently the patch FIFA 12 is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


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