Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Breakfast of Indonesia 10

10 a typical breakfast menu of Indonesia:

1. Yellow Rice

Yellow rice is a typical Indonesian food. This food is made ​​from rice cooked with turmeric and coconut milk and spices. In the tradition of Indonesia describes the color of yellow rice wealth, prosperity and the moral high ground. Therefore yellow rice is often served at Thanksgiving events and happy events such as birth, marriage and fiance.

2. Rice Pecel

Pecel is a typical food Madiun East Java Indonesia made ​​from vegetable stew of spinach, bean sprouts, green beans, basil, leaves turi, Krai (a type of cucumber) or other vegetables served with sambal doused pecel. The concept of similarity pecel dish with a salad for Europeans, namely fresh vegetables doused mayonnaise topping. It's just to pecel pecel sauce topping.

3. Vegetable rice cake

This type of rice cake spread lots of them in Indonesia. Starting from Medan to vegetable rice cake that celebrates Gomeh Cap. The material is yes rice cake, coconut milk, long beans, fried onions, and side dishes depending on your taste. Can know, chickens can, fish are also entered.

4. Noodles

Noodles is the menu for people who wanted a fast, practical, cheap, and not a great cook. Sometimes love is served with poached egg, fried egg, chicken, meatballs or bulb. But many also do not use the original side dishes.

5. Rice Krawu

Krawu Rice is the food of the town of Gresik. This food is a mixture of rice and beef with the oil content is high. Others have added to the rempelo (intestines, tripe, etc.), cingur, even a cow. These foods do not use vegetables. The interesting thing is that even though rice rice krawu is typical Gresik but all sellers are madura.

6. Rice Cat

Rice cat (or in the Java language known as "sega cat") is not a specific menu, but rather on how the presentation of rice packs which are found in this famous shop. Named "rice cat" because it presented in the portion of the (very) slightly, like a menu to feed the cat. Rice rames cat is a form of rice, with a diverse menu: dry tempeh, fried anchovies, sambal goreng, tripe, milkfish, colon, head or paws satay chicken and quail eggs, which increasingly favors if burned once briefly before serving. Rice cat known in various places in Central Java (including Yogyakarta) and is very popular among students because the price is quite cheap for the size of children boarding bag, other than that it also fits in the tongue of Indonesia.

8. Chicken Porridge

Chicken porridge is a favorite of many people. Ranging from small children, teenagers, to adults, all love chicken porridge. Term if the breakfast porridge was "shabu", none other than "breakfast porridge".

9. Rice Liwet

Rice is a typical food liwet Solo. Liwet savory rice is rice (cooked with coconut) uduk like rice, served with vegetable squash, shredded chicken (chicken meat cut into small pieces) and areh (a kind of savory puree of coconut).

Solo city dwellers used to eat rice liwet at any time from for breakfast, until dinner. Ordinary rice liwet peddled around with bamboo baskets to mothers who carry her every morning or sold in the shop lesehan (without seats). The most famous place for the sale of rice liwet (lesehan stalls) are in areas that are only selling Keprabon at night.

10. Rice Corn

Rice corn (Nasek ampog) is a typical variation of rice for the people of Madura. Rice consists of white rice mixed with corn kernels that have been cooked along with the rice. Rice corn with plain white rice eaten with other side dishes. Rice is also a substitute for diabetics to eat rice.


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