Friday, October 21, 2011

Airport Space First World Has Opened

British billionaire Richard Branson opened the first commercial airport space in the world in the desert of New Mexico. The airport will be home to his new company.

The desert will be a new company headquarters eccentric entrepreneur, Virgin Galactic. When opening the airport, even he was only wearing a black jacket and opened a bottle of champagne.

Virgin Galactic George Whitesides
The site is called 'Spaceport America' that will act as a 'hub and Virgin Galactic operations into two houses and five SpaceShipTwos WhiteKnightTwos'. Not only was quoted as saying by ST, there will be no facilities for the astronauts and mission control.

About 150 people had booked the first trip to outer space orbit, says the company. Astronauts United States (U.S.) famous Buzz Aldrin, the commercial director Stephen Attenborough and head of Virgin Galactic George Whitesides will attend its first flight later.

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