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Episode 653 - Arti Princess Who Changed the audience began to meet on 20 September 2010 every day at 17:30 GMT on RCTI

Princess patron in exchange for starting 20 September 2010 every day at 18:00 pm on RCTI

Theme song: Enough Perih It
Singer: d'Boys

Director: - Sanjeev Kumar
Producer: Leo Sutanto
Production: Sinemart
Genuine channels: RCTI
Online first: Starting 20 September 2010
Schedule: Monday to Sunday at 16:00 pm


At 18:00 pm Every Day

Amira and Zahira has a different life. Amira simple life with his parents, Ihsan and Utari. While Zahira luxury living with his parents, King and Aini, as well as Selena's stepmother and stepbrother Meisya.

Unlike Amira who lives in a loving family. While Zahira, although getting an abundance of affection from both parents, but he always gets treated no better than Selena and Meisya. Arman was, his personal driver, the only person in the house who knew about it, and always make Zahira tough.

No one knows, is actually the son Ihsan Zahira and Utari. While Amira was the son of King and Aini. Vishnu a grudge against the King for making her disability, to exchange the two babies are born simultaneously. Vishnu wanted to give King a lesson, because he is caring for children of the enemy bubuyutannya, Ihsan, which is the true love of his second wife, Aini. Vishnu has ever promised to match his son with the child and Utari Ihsan also entrust their children to Surti, a servant in the King family. And his son was Arman.

Complexity occurs when each of the two reunited, Amira and Zahira. Amira had accidentally met with King and Aini. Amira also met and became acquainted with Zahira and Arman, when he had an accident because nearly hit by a wealthy young man named Rizqi.

Amira more confused when the King, Aini & Zahira came to the funeral of his father, Ihsan. Amira who is sad immediate shock when King introduced his name, because Amira heard that the King was the one who caused his father died.

Time keeps rolling, and they all are like living in an unbroken circle. Will the truth be revealed? .. Amira and Zahira how reaction when he learned the truth? ..

Soap opera synopsis Connection Episode 653 Princess exchanged on October 20, 2011

Yunita / Sely sign a transfer of wealth Ambar, whose contents Yunita / Sely must surrender his property to his son if their children were grown. Sultan is not happy with it and vice versa Sely very happy because he will be rich.

Meisya who plays Mary in order to deliberately make a mess eating Ill feel Rangga. Marni deliberately wanted to make Rangga Ill feel at Marni. Marni Rangga only seen behavior. Unexpectedly IN Rangga praised the expressive Marni fit to eat. Meisya very upset because his plan did not work.

Renda and Shifa was hit immediately help Arza motor. Renda contact Arman and said if Arza had an accident and needs blood donors.

Sultan arguing with Amber because Amber transferred all his property to yunita / Sely. Sultan Sultan angry when Amber told his subordinates just so not right to organize - ngaturnya, the Sultan felt he had come to raise the company. Amber arrived - arrived collapsed while arguing with the Emperor, who saw Sely directly blame the Sultan. Circumvent and Sely Sultan said that the Sultan wanted to seize the treasure Ambar, the Emperor eventually escaped and pursued - Sely chase. Sultan eventually fell into the river, Sely who saw shocked.

Mary wanted to make the ill feel Rangga with dangdut singing in celebration of people, but instead feel ill Rangga Rangga praised Mary because Mary is full of surprises. Meisya very upset because his plan to make Rangga decide Marni does not work as well.

Arza grateful for Zahira and Arman on her, especially when he knew Arman donate blood for him.

Sely asking for help to comb the river so that the Sultan was found. Sely requested that the Sultan should be found because he is a person who has hurt his family. In my heart glad Sely Ambar wretched laugh and hope are not aware - conscious and the Sultan so as not to be found.

Vishnu and Malena congratulate Meisya Since it was invented by Rangga. Meisya says he just does not feel happy. Surti finally know if Meisya not have a twin. Malena and Vishnu asked not to tell Rangga Surti, because Meisya do all that just want to close with Rangga.

Rangga actually thought that Marni is Meisya, but Rangga remember when Sari said Marni not Meisya. Rangga think Sari might not lie to him.

Amira went to the house Rizky and Ihsan, Rizky and saw Amira OCEAN birth certificate. Rizky and Amira asked to speak only with Arman, Arman apologize for Ihsan and Utari has made Ocean's birth certificate. Amira said Arman should not make the deed Zahira because Arman know Ocean was the son Rizky and Amira.

Vely says if it seems mamahnya Tirta had misunderstood and thought that her real father King Tirta. Mamahnya who heard angry at Vely but Tirta defend Vely Vely and say that was his future wife. Mamahnya said he should go of life forbade Tirta but Tirta and apologize if he is wrong. Vely who saw very touched to see intimacy of mother and child. Tirta very happy because mamahnya not go.
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Synopsis Princess exchanged Episode 653
* Arza lg games, lari2 smpe into the middle of the road .. There are n speeding motorcycle collided arza reply .. Renda-Shifa bw arza to rs ..
* Utari love sm Zahira birth certificate ..
Utari: "This Zahira sdh mismanagement birth mother ocean, the mother thought km sm arman busy mom jd sdh take care of everything, it's bener, laki2 second son Ocean, daughter of Arman and Zahira .."
Dnger Arman, who was holding a glass n fell n broke ..
Ihsan nanya knpa arman ..
Arman nervous "I do not no daddy, hati2 items (mksudnya later got broken glass)"
Zahira: "arman not sure what there apa2 miles, this is my son Arman and Zahira dr .. Ocean bkn Amira's son? "
Hp arman sounds ..
Renda: "arman skrg loe to rmh sick, arza need of blood donors, dy accident, my blood was not suitable sm arza" ..
* Arman donorin his blood to arza ..
Zahira vitreous clay "O God, please save arza" ..
Timeout is complete, the doctor said arza sdh stable condition tp ttp should be kept out well ..
Zahira: "ren what should accompany me and arman arza smpe dy aware, I want bgt is beside dy ren" ..
Renda ngangguk ..
* In within ruangn arza ..
Zahira: "arza, miles should be aware of love .."
Arza conscious ..
Arza "tante and om why here? where papa and Shifa kak? "
Zahira: "arza td om arman who already donorin blood remedy miles".
Arman: "yes arza, td papa phone Renda om om and blood donorin remedy arza krn equal chance of blood om sm arza" ..
Arza: "om brrti nolong I've .. thanks om "..
Arza "tante really cry?"
Zahira: "no, aunt seneng aja krn arza already aware" ..
Arza smile .. (Funny bgt deh! "
* Amira, rizky to rmh-Zahira Arman remedy aini you know about the operation .. Amira asked for his prayers,, Utari, arman, Zahira said mrka definitely come doain aini .. Ihsan dtng finished copy, the paper falls .. Amira-rizky clay ocean's birth certificate .. Amira-rizky goodbye nganterin arman n'm out ..
Arman: "I know you guys mean, I'm sorry, I do not know bu Utari committee already everything .."
Rizky: "tp man was not the case main2 deed, not gw mgkin live diem if dstu org miles and Zahira parents" ..
Rizky want to take the ocean ..
Arman: "I beg jgn ki .. Kmrn arza accident, Zahira would still kepikiran .. I will not fear dy stronger "..
Amira: "yes've ki, I'm not there ribut2 Prev aini operation .. Man, tp miles promise yes timeout aini operation, miles have to be brave you know Zahira "..
Arman: "Amira yes, I know I'm selfish I was thinking about Zahira cm, tp cm afraid Zahira brbuat reckless".
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Connection soap opera tale princess in exchange for 653 episodes on October 20, 2011

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