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Indonesian Children 10 Classic Games

1. Fortress game
is a game played by two groups, respectively - each consisting of 4 to 8 people. Each - each group to choose a place as a base, usually a pillar, stone or pillar as a 'fortress'.
The main objective of this game is to attack and take over the 'fortress' opponent by touching the pole or pillar that has been chosen by the opponent and shouting fort. The victory also can be achieved with a 'charming' all members of the opponent by touching their bodies. To determine who is entitled to 'trap' and a 'captive' is determined from the last time when the 'trap' or 'captive' touch 'fortress' their own - each.

2. Congklak
Congklak is a traditional game which is known by various names throughout Indonesia. Usually in the game, similar shells are used as seed congklak and if no, is sometimes used also seeds of plants.
Congklak game done by two people. In using the board game they called congklak and 98 boards (14 x 7) fruit seeds called beans or fruit congklak congklak. Generally congklak boards made ​​of wood and plastic, while the seeds are made ​​of shells, seeds, stones, marbles or plastic. On board there are 16 pieces congklak hole consisting of 14 small holes facing each other and two large holes on either side. Every 7 small hole in the side of the player and the big hole in the side kananya regarded as belonging to the player.
At the beginning of the game every small hole is filled with seven seeds. Two players are facing, one who can pick holes begin to be captured and put one into the hole on his right and so on. When the seeds out in a small pit that contains the seeds of another, he can take the seeds and continue to fill, can be discharged in a large aperture of hers so she can proceed with selecting a small hole in its side. when discharged at a small hole in the side so he quit and took all the seeds on the opposite side. But when stopped at an empty hole on the opposite side so he quit and did not get anything.
The game is considered complete when no more can dimabil beans (whole beans in a big hole both players). The winner is who gets the highest seed.

3. Dor Tap
Tap Dor is a game similar to hide and seek, but played by the two groups. First group managed to mention the name of the opponent is hiding can be interpreted that the opponent is hit by gunfire. The game ends if one group is up shot.

4. Galah Asin
Galah Salted or in another area called Galasin or Gobak Sodor is a kind of game regions of Indonesia. This game is a game group consisting of two groups, where each team consists of 3-5 people. The essence of the game is facing the opponent that can not pass through the line to the last line back and forth, and to win the entire group should complete the process back and forth within a predetermined area of the field.
The game is usually played on the badminton court with reference lines that exist or can be by using a rectangular field with a size of 9 x 4 m which is divided into 6 sections. The boundary line of each section is usually marked with chalk. Group members who had a turn to keep the field is divided into two, namely members of the group who keep the line horizontal and vertical lines. For group members who have a duty to keep the horizontal lines, then they will try to hinder their opponents are also trying to pass the boundary line which has been determined as a free boundary. For group members who have a duty to maintain the vertical line (usually only one person), then this person has access to the entire vertical line located in the middle of the field. This game is very exciting and extremely difficult because each person must always be on guard and ran as fast as possible if necessary to achieve victory.

5. Top
Tops are toys that can rotate on the shaft and berkesetimbangan at some point. Top is oldest toys found at various archaeological sites and still be recognizable. In addition to the toys of children and adults, also tops used for gambling and divination fate.
Most tops are made ​​of wood, although often made ​​of plastic, or other materials. Wood carved and shaped up to be the body of a top. Strap tops are generally made ​​of nylon, while the top rope traditionally made ​​from the bark of trees. The length of strap tops vary depending on the length of the arms of people who play.

6. Rounders
Rounders or Gebokan is a kind of ball sports. Games that made ​​these 2 groups using a tennis ball as a tool to shoot opponents and rock piles to be spliced. Anyone who managed to pile up the stone quickly without a hit ball is a group that won the game. At the beginning of the game, determined in advance which groups will be the initial guards and a group that pursued by suit. The group that to be a guardian should immediately catch the ball as soon as possible after the pile of stones collapsed by the group being pursued. If the ball had touched the opponent, then the group whose members touched the ball into keeper pile of stones. Cooperation is needed among members of groups like the sport of softball or baseball.

7. Kite
Kite game, also known by the name of one aktivititas kite is flying the kite in the air. In the dry season in Indonesia, the kids are always playing a kite for big wind.

8. Hide and seek
Starting with Hompimpa to determine who the "cat" (a role as a seeker of his friends are hiding). The cat would eventually close my eyes or turn around while counting to 25, usually him facing a wall, tree or anything what so she would not see her friends moving to hide. After the count of ten, he began looking for his friends to act them.
If he finds his friend, he will call his name he found it. What is, when he sought he usually had to leave the place (base). Place if touched by another friend who hid it batallah all your friends are found, meaning that he must repeat again, where-friends-friends who have found release and will hide again. Then the cat will calculate and search again.
The game is finished after all friends are found. And the first was found to be the next cat.
There is one more term in this game, the 'fire' in question here is if your friends are hiding cat caught by the cat because the cat was told by a friend who had been found earlier than hiding.

9. Yo-yo
Yo-yo is a game composed of two equal-sized discs (usually made ​​of plastic, wood, or metal) which is connected with an axis, in which the coiled rope is used. One end of the rope attached to the axis, while the other end is free and is usually given link. Game of yo-yo is one of the games are popular in many parts of the world. Although generally considered a children's game, not a few adults who have professional skills in playing the yo-yo.

Played with a yo-yo by hooking the free end of the rope on the middle finger, holding the yo-yo, and threw it down with a smooth motion. When the rope stretched on the axis, gyroscopic effects will occur, which gives time to do some movements. By moving the wrist, the yo-yo can be returned to the player's hand, where the rope will be rolled back in the gap axis

10.Balap Sacks
Sack race is traditionally one of the popular race on the day Indonesia's independence. A number of participants required to enter the lower body into a sack and then race to the finish line.
Although often criticized because they encourage unhealthy spirit of competition and the activities of rah-rah, sack race remains were encountered, as well as climbing race nut, clogs, and eating crackers.


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