Friday, October 21, 2011

Immanuel Wanggai Examination should Undergo One More time

Roma team physician, dr.Agustinus Hetaubun, said Roma midfielder Immanuel Wanggai perkembagannya showed positive results. Manu is planned in December will undergo a routine check before it actually could graze with Roma team.
"We're going to test him (manu red) in the month of December later in the Gatot Subroto hospital by a team doctor and physio therapy and fitness specialist sports doctor if you pass the test that we've allowed manu to play ball and train with the team," said the doctor who was familiarly called this Ongky.
It is said in the trial that if Hamtring Manu has not been seen can not be recovered and able to pick-up load 15 Kg then Manu is recommended for weight training again for approximately two weeks. "If it was strong he could join the team. We hope that all training programs and processes can be run either manu peyembuhan he was able to play at the beginning of the next competition, if competition in the title in December later, "he said. (Ben / wen)

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