Thursday, October 20, 2011

Compete With Friends By Sportif

"Fellow city buses are prohibited from passing one," first dikaca public bus back there's always written that way. Ane has always intrigued whenever remember that phrase. Why 'fellow city buses', huh? But right jg, because the city's bus unthinkable precede each with a train. Especially with the aircraft. Although it has cut no more writing like that, but the sentence was morbidly morbidly means irrelevant. Especially those of us who bkn city bus driver. Why, why us? Yeah, Because the behavior of 'driving' recklessly we do within navigate the wheel of life is often far more severe than competition between city buses. Just like the city buses that compete with fellow city buses, we are only competing with our neighbors jg. And, the competition we are often given bonuses in the form of envy didlm liver.

Competition occurs everywhere. On the political stage. In your neighborhood. At the office. Where only. These days, we've rarely seen a sportive competition. Examples of unsportsmanlike is worst on the political stage filled with intrigue. Followed by the competition office is often harmed by dirty maneuvers. On the sports field, occasionally we jg see any stains. Maybe it's time we galakan again the spirit of competitive sportsmanship. For most people it bkn sportsmanship within the context of politics or sports field, but within the competition with a friend in the office. For those who are interested to accompany Agan ane learn to compete with friends in a casual office.

Here are some ways to compete with friends in the office of the sport:

1. Looking for the excess of the competitor

Compete within, most people are fond of finding fault with others. In fact, the mistakes of others altogether withhold positive energy for ourselves. Learn to seek advantages and superiority of others. By then we will be more motivated to continue to improve. The essence of a competition bkn just can 'achieve' something that grabs, but the 'can do' with something that we achieve it. Once reached, we could be anything. One source of our disappointment to the 'champion' is when we know that after winning the competition, was the champion can not do something we expect. So when we are the champion, others jg have the same demands upon us. Only if we truly 'capable' only other people would appreciate the 'victory' we. If ill? They will turn to other people all wish we immediately replaced. So look for the advantages possessed by others. And make it a motivation to continue to improve the quality of the self.

2. Holding the hands of the competitors

On the streets, now we have started seeing a lot of buses gandgn. There are two buses that run together. Articulated bus with it, more passengers can be transported in one time. Less fuel is spent. And more efficient power driver issued. This is a beautiful symbol that we can build synergies with our fellow competitors. Let us look at the friends who become the strongest competitor in the office. Why do not we just convert the energy to overtake each other's willingness to collaborate with. Guaranteed, the benefits we can contribute to the company would be much better compared with when we were both adamant to elbow each other. But his position that there is only one contested. Required by the company bknlah just the ability to beat competitors. But there are soft skills that people possess rare but very important, namely: 'the power to manage others'. When Agan demonstrate the willingness and ability to collaborate with the strongest competitor Agan; then Agan has shown that rare ability.

3. Give a sincere compliment to competitors

When competing, we are often reluctant to give praise to the opponent. In fact, kudos to effect positive energy for both parties. More than that, we catapult sincere praise for others to invite sympathy morbidly parties have a relationship directly. If ane heartily commend Agan, Agan then bkn only can feel the sincerity ane. Other people who saw ane commend Agan felt the same. As a bonus, others that have a positive impression on ane. Similarly, if the compliment was sincere or credit points which give the rivals Agan Agan. And let someone else know Agan do that. So besides Agan can build a positive emotional relationship with a competitor Agan, then the other people who 'are outside the arena' will give sympathy to Agan. What if it only made ​​a compliment Agan larger competitors head? Good. Because everyone will get to know the real quality. Bknkah people love the sporty nature and sincerity?

4. Endorsing the progress of competitors

Scuttle the steps of others? Ah, it's already too we usually find. In addition bkn dignified behavior, it jg morbidly demonstrated excellence nothing. The quality of leadership someone actually looks from its ability to support the advancement of others. Why should we? Because a leader is all about helping the people we lead advanced more rapidly and develop itself more rapidly. Why do so many leaders who are unable to develop their subordinates? Because their leader before becoming ill learn sustain the progress of others. So make the closest competitor Agan as 'student' that can be used for practicing Agan developing others. If indeed he is a great competitor, he certainly has talent. So Agan guaranteed to be successful expanding it. And it is a decent achievement Agan celebrate leadership. Agan then think again, "aspects of what can develop from a competitor Agan this one?" In circumstantially, Agan has forged itself into a true leader.

5. Adoption of the absolute must-have qualities of a leader

There is one thing that is difficult to understand, but we must accept with roomy chest. Is it? It is a fact that is getting a promotion at work, ill always is the most skilled people. No jg always the achievement of its highest. For example, people who became Sales Manager tdklah always people who salesnya highest percentage achieved. Perhaps the only 101% only. This fact often makes those who achieve 110% sales grumpy. Why? Because they are ill to lead the schools of that, it takes a lot of aspects. Bkn angka2 just on paper. Look at the points 1,2,3 and 4 we have just discussed. That is another aspect which is absolutely necessary from a leader. Because leadership is not about sheer mastery aspek2teknis. But rather an art of managing others, recognize their potensi2, and use it to achieve corporate goals.

Without realizing it, we often think of friends as a threat. Personal ambitions we often whisper if they can be prohibitive for what we want. From now on, let's change the perspective of its competitors. Help them to become a better person. Help them to be able to produce higher performance. Encourage them to continue to excel. Develop them, because that is the essence kemimpinan should you have in yourself.

It's easy to find people who are ready to compete, but very few people can compete in a sport.

One thing that makes a big difference in your life is to find a new lesson from what far you think you already know all. The realization that nothing is final in this world, that in fact you have to keep learning because you can not possibly know all this was going to open up even greater success in your life.

~ ~ Ralph Lynn


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