Friday, October 21, 2011

Malay Special Baju Special Clothing Women Bawean

The women always wore braces Bawean typical Malay in various occasions. In addition to everyday wear, clothes brackets are also subject to attend important events in their area, such as wedding ceremonies, funerals, thanksgiving, celebration, recitals, and others.

Interestingly, although clothes parenthesis is considered a local clothing or distinctive dress Bawean women, they actually get the clothes from Malaysia. Relatives working in Malaysia, often sending them packages containing clothes or fabrics brackets long can they be sewing your own clothes brackets.

Similarly, the daily fabric wrapped around their feet. If the Central Java and Yogyakarta has a typical batik cloth, then Bawean have distinctive floral fabric often used by women Bawean. Once again, if asked, the fabric is not an artificial society Bawean. The cloth is a cloth of Malaysia.

Both the clothes and fabric brackets, dominated by floral motifs in different colors. We can find a floral fabric with a dark background to a bright 'blinding' though. Everything looks pretty worn by women Bawean, and of course looks graceful.

Hety Apriliastuti Nurcahyarini
G uru Indonesia Teaching (IM) in the SDN II Kepuhlegundi (Panyelpangan)

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