Friday, October 21, 2011

Apparently this is the 6 Reasons Men Like Girl Innocent

Ria P does not make a problem if her boyfriend is a bad girl. While other men are more interested in alias innocent innocent girl as a mate.

Age often influence the choice of men to the opposite sex. If in the young man crazy, and feel challenged the bad girl who tends to "fall apart", and unruly, so most men are more mature age will change their choice. Innocent girl will be more interested in their eyes.

Here are six reasons men prefer innocent girl, as reviewed Marie Claire.

"Destructive" innocence is fun
Creating an innocent girl into a fun person is a challenge for men. Later, the relationship that will be undertaken as a joint journey. Men just want to be the leader of the journey, not a follower.

Naughty lady is not for serious relationship
Sure, a bad girl can be fun, and exciting. However, this woman is not the type that will be brought men to be introduced to his parents.

Men also think that bad girls are not looking for a serious relationship, making it safe for men to not looking for anything serious from him.

Wanton woman too intimidating
Men do not like being in a position to be intimidated. Men love to appear confident, but confidence is real, not just when he was around her lover.

Most men do not want to admit, but they do not want to always be driven with a choice of restaurants receiving the agenda when the two of you dating.

Naughty girl approached by many men
No one wanted man cheated. Naughty girls who tend not to seek a serious relationship makes it easy to close with many men.

Naughty girl less mysterious
Although passionate man ignited by visual stimuli, nerdy girl that covered her body more sexy look in his eyes.

Men have a control problem
Actually, he hated to admit that they want to be in control. A bad girl is very difficult to control, because he never knows what will she do next.

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