Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making a Good Signature


You should know that scratches your hand on a piece of paper can provide a picture of your characteristics and personality. This means that your handwriting can tell about the real you . In short, our signature is the mirror of how we want to be seen by the world. And our handwriting very closely linked to our subconscious mind. Therefore, if we reflect the signature signal - the signal is good, our subconscious mind was too good emit similar signals.

Here are 5 Things to Avoid from a Signature.

1. Signature "crossed"

Signature of this type are always encountered as a sign of danger. Signature on the picture above was made ​​by a girl who committed suicide in 2008 because of the pressure test. From baseline in writings left behind before committing suicide clearly indicates he is very stressed and suicidal tendencies, just because he was not prepared for the exam. Note also graffiti - graffiti signatures sharply in its name, signifies feelings of dislike to himself, and the desire to stab and to punish himself. That's what ultimately made ​​against him. If your signature there on both horizontal and vertical streaks, streaks immediately discard it. Because if true this is caused by the hatred of self, so every time to write a signature, you'll hate yourself more. What happened then happens is that you will do something to sabotage the success you have achieved. Therefore, let your signatures simple and legible.

2. Signature of Fuzzy

At first glance this signature looks clean, but when considered more carefully, the first letter of the signature is camouflaged and there are like spheres that surround. This means "self-limiting". Circle on the first letter as it shows people who were far too defensive (defensive) in public and he's too self-protective. Such a person would be difficult to be friendly because it is difficult to open up and always fear would be offended or hurt. They always had suspicions about the intent and purpose of the people around him , which of course makes them fail to become part of the community around it, and caused himself isolated. If your signature there is a protective sphere like that, then dispose of it immediately.

3. Signature of the Very Small

A very small signature reflects a lack of confidence to finish the daily chores. A like this when in a crowd or a meeting with a lot of people, will feel the most less than others. People like this always pride trampled by the crowd, and always be the butt because they are afraid to voice their opinions. They do not have the courage to reveal what they think. Eventually they will avoid the crowds. If your signature is too small, then the Enlarge, but not too big because it also shows something similar.

4. Signature of the "Return"

Lots of people who have a signature like this, that after the signature, then that person will add the finish line back from right to left without lifting the pen. This signature characterizes a person is trapped by her past, whether it past both good and bad. If you have a signature like this, change it by highlighting starts from left to right.

5. Signature Chicken Claw

This is the kind of signature of the most commonly used by people. Signature of this type indicates the person is always in a state of hurry. This may be caused by two reasons , the first thoughts of people like this is faster than his hands. Or they usually have no responsibility for their lives. They were too busy with their own and rarely finish what was his job, but then blame someone else. If you have a signature like this, change and write your name in full. This will slightly slow you down, but you will accomplish whatever you do.

Tips to Make a Good Signature
Make a signature of your name is clear and legible, consistent and in tune with your handwriting. Try a little bigger than your usual handwriting, but not too big. Start the first letter 2-3 times larger than the subsequent letters. Make sure there are scratches that do not cross out your own name, and make sure if the underline , you start from the left to the right. Many successful people in this world to write his signature with sloping upward to indicate they are eager, warm, friendly and caring.

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