Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best Shavers Hair Tool

Philips AquaTouch address the needs of Indonesian men who want to shave without worrying about getting hurt. Electric shaver is also possible to use with shaving foam and gel.

Shaver Aquatec has a protective coating that makes it waterproof. Philips also includes a protective AquaTouch that can adjust automatically to the shape of the face. In addition, these tools also provide features Super Lift & Cut technology that helps lift the hair from the skin surface, to ensure a more shaving stick to the skin.

More than that, AquaTouch also very convenient because it can be used while bathing or whenever he wants to shave wet or dry, and also features a long battery life. No need to replace the razor for three years so that makes 40 percent more efficient than using a regular razor for 3 years.

Philips AquaTouch consists of two models AquaTouch Plus (AT890) and AquaTouch (AT750). AT890 has DualPrecision technology, storage pockets and trimmer. AquaTouch Philips products are available in department stores, hypermarkets and stores electronic equipment.

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