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Interesting Facts on Back Logo World Top Cars

Whatever the meaning or symbol must store the values ​​for their owners. including the logo of the car. The following discussion of some car logos.

Forms and models of cars are always changing, but there is one thing that almost immortal, logo.

Many people menasbihkan themselves as lovers of a particular car, but only a few people who really care about the purpose and history of car logos pet.

Logo not merely a symbol of the visual identity of automotive products. But, the logo has an important function - to introduce products to the world market.

There are three types of car logo that is now known, berbentu symbols, text, or a combination antarkeduanya.

Clearly, there is a specific intent or story behind a logo that could be intriguing. These stories and interesting facts behind the logo of the world's top cars.
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes star logo triangles have a special meaning - the dominance of companies which include land, sea, and air.

While the name Mercedes came from an Austrian businessman and automotive lovers, Emil Jellinek. He has a son named Mercedes.

Jellinek did not just sell cars Daimler-Motored-Gesellschaft (DMG) but participated in the first motor race in Germany. At that time he was driving a vehicle that is made ​​DMG behind the pseudonym Mercedes.

At that time, Mercedes refers to the name of the team and driver. However, today is the result of the merger of two Mercedes car companies, Daimler-Motored-Gesellschaft or DMG, founded by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, and Benz & Cie, founded by Karl Benz.

Current logo, star in a circle, was introduced for the first time in 1937.


German engineer, August Hoch founded the company A. Horc & Cie in 1899.

A decade later, he was forced to leave the company he founded. No broken charcoal, along with his business partner, Franz Fikentscher, he founded a new company.

When discussing his new company name, Fikentscer son who was studying Latin in a corner and ask the meaning of 'audiatur et Altera pars' [not a good idea to call Audi Horch instead?]

The word 'Horc' is the abbreviation of the word 'hear' in German. While Audi is the Latin word which also means 'hear'.

Then, in 1932, four companies namely, Audi, Hoch, DKW, and Wanderer merged into one company, Auto Union.

Then the chosen logo of four interlocked rings, a symbol of unification of the four companies who so pride and grace for them until today.
Spoiler for Next:


Another logo that attracts attention is the BMW. Tangible circle divided into four with two colors, white and blue sky criss-cross.

It symbolizes the airplane propeller that spins in the blue sky.

Symbols that are relevant to the history of BMW as a major supplier of aircraft engines, such as 'Red Baron' for the German government during World War I.

In 1918, when the war ended, the German government to stop the demand for aircraft engines in the BMW.

Conditions have no choice at that time, it makes the BMW creative. Business direction changed. The company began by making the train brakes and motorized bicycles, motorcycles, and then a car - worldwide.


There are two stories about the Chevrolet logo, 'bowtie'. The first, the company's founder, William C. Durant inspired wallpaper in a hotel in France. He tore it to be used as a logo.

Different versions of the story came from his wife. It is said, bowtie emblem inspiration came from a Virginia newspaper - when they were vacationing in Hot Springs, Virginia, circa 1912.


The symbol 'Cavallino Rampante' aka Ferrari Prancing Horse turned out to have interesting stories.

The symbol was originally the emblem of the Italian aviators in World War II. The symbol is used also Franceco Baracca - Italian aviator who died in the war.

When Enzo Ferrari started his own car company, he uses these logos on racing cars Alfa Romeo, at the instigation of parents Baracca.

Then, the 'Prancing Horse' is not only installed in Ferrari cars. Its popularity exceeded that predicted. Now, Ferrari logo can be found on the bike, t-shirts, and anything imaginable.


Car logos from the United States is simple, with a 'Ford' is highlighted. This logo has been used for more than 50 years.

This typeface was introduced Harold Wills - a close associate of Henry Ford.
As a teenager, Wills make money by creating business cards.

When his partner, Henry Ford looking for a logo for his company, Wills thrusting his old printing set and model letters used in his youth to print business cards.

In 1912, an oval circle added in the Ford logo. In 1927, the logo is also experiencing growth, the color becomes blue. Last logo - a blue oval was released in 2003 to honor 100 years of Ford Motor Company.


Some of the logo reflects the tastes of the owner's car. One logo 'raging bull' in the Lamborghini.

Company founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini is a matador enthusiast, to the point chosen as the logo of a company car.

Many car Lamborghini bull named who have earned awards in world events.


The company was founded by Louis Renault Renault when 21-year-old. The company's first logo is the letter next three Renault brothers, Louis, Ferdinand and Marcel.

The company also has a special logo for military tanks - after the company's production light tanks Renault FT-17 vogue during World War I.

Diamond shape logo was introduced in 1925 and redesigned in 1972 by renowned designer Victor Vasarely. The current logo, surrounded by a square yellow diamond is a symbol of quality.


Simple but effective, illustrating that the Volkswagen logo. VW logo is the logo of a car is one of the most simple and quickly known in the world.

V-shaped logo on the letter W with blue circle background.

Volkswagen in German means 'people's car'.

This logo is obtained from the results of the competition which was won by Franz Reimspiess.

Volkswagen has a background of fascinating history - began in the 1930s, the era of Nazi Germany.

Hitler's idea was to start production of cars at affordable prices to the public. Hitler and Porsche Gercinand exclude ideas Volkswagen beetle cars that can carry two adults and three young children.

However, beetle car manufacturers produce more military vehicles rather than cars for the masses - unmask the truth behind Hitler's intentions.


Volvo means 'I turn' in Latin. Volvo says comes from the Latin word 'volvere' which means to spin.

Volvo logo is an ancient symbol for iron - that is a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards to the right.

This symbol also represents the 'Mars' the god of war. Volvo Cars is also traditionally known for its safety features.

Ancient symbol of the iron used to also reflect a strong tradition of Swedish iron industry.

Volvo logo mounted on a blue background.
After the defeat of Germany in the war, the British took over the Volkswagen factory and try to sell it.

Initially, the people refused to design the VW beetle, which is considered inferior.

However, VW managed to prove himself, the Volkswagen Beetle became one of the best-selling car in the world.


South Korean car company has a slogan 'Drive your way' has the logo of the letter 'H' surrounded by an oval shape - illustrate the strong desire for global companies.

The letter H is tilted and stylish, it also describes the symbol of two people - the representation of companies and customers - were shaking hands.


From a distance, the Toyota logo similar to the letter 'T' which means 'Toyota'.

However, if observed closely, the Japanese car's logo consists of three oval shapes.

Two interlocked oval resembles the letter 'T' represents the relationship of mutual benefit and mutual trust between the customer and Toyota.

The background of the larger oval describes the development of technological advancement and unlimited opportunity for companies to move forward.


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