Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 Reasons Men Back to Ex-girlfriend

End of love with people we love is hard. Maybe it's not only you who can not forget the former, the he could have felt the same.

After a few long distance, the he returned unexpectedly close to you. Of the he has a purpose to you. As summarized from Madame Noire, which is why he comes back close to her former lover.

He Missed You
When the man tried to close with her ex, she's not taking advantage of you. It may be that he felt the emptiness without your presence, and she actually felt guilty about the incident in the past. Nothing wrong with giving him a chance, but you still have to see to what degree changes.

She Moderate Bored
Do not like it if the to woo your ex back, who knows he just got bored with his life. When he tired, he'll find someone, especially a woman to fill her life. However, this usually does not last long. Later when he's bored with you, he will return to disappear from your life. To that end, beware if your ex-boyfriend tried to get close.

He Know That You'll Receive More
Although you have stated severed ties with the former, but you still let him call you as 'dear'. You also do not resist when he was wooing. You will also gladly accept it back. Think carefully if you want to go back into the arms of the former. Maybe he can change, but only for the first month. Afterward, he could have been acting up again, because he knew for sure you will receive it back.

Continuing Life You Have
When you have been comfortable with your current life or have found a new man, he seemed to have a radar that makes the ego jerk. This could make him confused and anxious because you have been able to continue to live without it. Feelings do not accept it, try to make it close to your back and win her back.

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