Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Things Women Want Heard from mate

For men, a woman full of puzzles. Many feel understand them, but precisely the opposite. Creating a happy woman's heart is not easy, but there are 10 things the exception.

If a woman has 10 things you want to hear from partners like this article, then the opposite happens here. Reported by TimesofIndia, women will never be tired of hearing these 10 things. What are they?
1. 'You're Beautiful'
The relative nature of beauty, and not all people are endowed with perfect beauty. However, when this sentence came out of his beloved spouse, then it becomes full of meaning.
2. 'You're the First In My Life'
It is not clear? Yes, it sounds so, but menururt psychologist Archana Nanda, this word has many meanings that make a woman beautiful special. 'First' here could mean the first that made him perfect, so happy and many other feelings difficult to express but to make her confidence increased.
3. 'Gratitude Have You'
Gratitude is a feeling that people in general are rarely disclosed. When this is spoken to her partner, it seemed so mean and increase the sense of mutual affection and positive feelings.
4. 'You Will Be a Good Mother'
Women in general have a motherly spirit and dream of having a baby with someone he loves. When the word is spoken, she would have imagined his future as a mother, and make her happy. It also shows that you have the qualities necessary to become a good wife for him.
5. 'Will You Living a Life With Me?'
To live together is a sensitive thing, especially if he has not felt comfortable with her partner. But deep down, women crave someone who can be with him at any time in all conditions. It also shows that men want to undergo more serious relationship with you.
6. 'How you think?
Asked his opinion of something is a sign that he was not the kind of guy who likes to control and communicate in one direction. For him, do you have an important role in aspects of life. You can not just be judged from mere physical beauty but also intelligence quotient.
7. 'You're my best friend'
Many men who clearly showed that he was just fascinated by the beauty outside. He does not care who he faced and restricting women with a clear gender attitudes. Another case when he calls it, its meaning is so deep. Not only the more he admired the beauty, but also your individual who is so close to him like a friend has ever had.
8. 'You Could Read My mind'
Women will feel happy if he knew he could understand the character of their partner and what he wants. Ranging from food to choose menu items hobby he enjoys. There is a feeling of connectedness and owned as a man saying this to women.
9. 'I love you'
Three universal word that when spoken at a timely moment, then he would become so valuable. If you are in a relationship, mengucpkan this as often as any would make the couple happy. No one will be bored to hear when you're in love with each other or menyintai what it is.
10. 'I Always Make You There'
This means the promise and he should be kept. Despite the fact that this activity is often forgotten, but there is a sense of security arising from this sentence.
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