Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sea Games Football Schedule

Supports red and white being the best in the event of sea games this year. Garuda team that has set the champion must overcome many obstacles from other countries who have prepared themselves well. From sea soccer games scheduled this year, Indonesia was in group A along with Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore. It's not an easy matter to pass through obstacles some defending champions who were there. But like the title song ost sea games we can , then a young army homeland will surely provide the best for a sports event south east asia, held two years of this. Specialized in football, we expect much so that we can reach back for old champion football lovers homeland could see his pride in the team capable of reaching trophy in international arena

For those needing a complete schedule of football games sea, here we can see together. And special who wants to watch instantly, there are no scheduled sites so you do not miss the match in favor of red and white team

9 November
1. Singapore vs Malaysia (16:00 pm).
2. Indonesia vs Cambodia (19:00 GMT).

11 November
1. Malaysia vs Thailand (16:00 pm).
2. Singapore vs Cambodia (19:00 GMT).

13 November
1. Thailand vs Cambodia (16:00 pm).
2. Singapore vs Indonesia (19:00 GMT).

15 November
1. Malaysia vs Cambodia (16:00 pm).
2. Indonesia vs Thailand (19:00 GMT).

17 November
1. Thailand vs Singapore (16:00 pm).
2. Indonesia vs Malaysia (19:00 GMT).

SEA Games Football Match Schedule XXVI Semi Final
19 November
1. Winner Group A v Runner up Group B (16:00 pm).
2. Winner Group B v Runner up Group A (19.30).

Football Matches Final SEA Games XXVI
21 November
1. III title race (16:00 pm).
2. Final Party (19:30 pm)

We hope that Indonesia could first qualifier. After that, we hope that the preparation for the semi-finals to be maximum and the target for a gold medal could become a reality

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