Saturday, October 1, 2011

Light Painting Misterius

Materials: Lack end and coffee table tops, spray paint, acrylic paint, brushes, design inspiration, mounting hardware

Description: After watching too many home decorating shows and realizing that there was no way that my teeny-tiny decor budget would cover all the walls in our new apartment with the large scale art I had in mind (to hide the stark white apartment walls we aren't allowed to paint - argh!), I decided to try my own hand at creating artwork for our home. When I went to the local craft store and realized how annoyingly expensive larger scale canvas is (especially the nicer canvas that's stretched over a much thicker frame), I figured I'd have to improvise.

Ikea As-Is to the rescue! For $6 total, I found 2 Lack end tabletops and 2 Lack coffee tabletops, all in perfect condition (birch and black finishes, respectively). Freakishly expensive canvas problem: solved.

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