Thursday, October 20, 2011

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If the baby has been accustomed to solid food and the food to multiply, try to introduce a variety of other foods. For example, foods that are in season or your family used to eat. If you are unsure about the different types of food that will be provided, consult with your doctor or health care professional. Try not prohibit your baby to eat food that is eaten other family members. Instead of having a baby has been around since the beginning of life. As a parent, your role is very important to help your baby enjoy a healthy, nutritious foods as much as possible.

In addition to rice porridge, your baby is now going to try corn starch, corn starch or grain. Do not give oats or wheat until the age of six months. If no allergies in the family, try to introduce it with food livestock. For example, unsweetened yogurt, eggs and milk pudding that is not sweet (make your own from flour pudding and milk cows). A delicious little sauce (from cow's milk and corn flour with cheese slices petersile or soft). Serve with cauliflower or potatoes are crushed. If your baby refuses a new food try again another day or mix it with foods she likes.

If the baby is already familiar with the various flavors of fruit and vegetables, try to mix it. Health experts suggest, should be introduced one food at a time with a distance of several days for each new food. If your baby is allergic to foods you have to stop him. Your baby is actually more easily accept a new food when the food is mixed with the familiar, so the baby can sense variations in various types of food as much as possible. Do not be confused if your baby likes a mixture of foods that may seem strange to you.

Gradually, make baby food more thick and dense but still soft texture. The trick, mash cooked vegetables do not crushed or shredded. Fine food can be thickened by adding a little flour of rice, boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, or bananas.


. Do not leave your baby alone when eating. Easy baby choking, and when it happens, he needs help immediately. Grapes, sliced ​​carrots, meat and popcorn often make a baby to choke.

. Avoid foods that are too hard because the baby is difficult to chew.

. Do not give your baby whole nuts, stone fruit, whole grapes, ice or other foods that can be caught in the throat.

. Maintain cleanliness. Spoon and fork should be clean, wipe the high chair after every meal and wear a clean apron every meal.

. baby likes mengemut food without swallowing. When this happens, persuaded to open his mouth and remove the food with your fingers.


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