Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skype & & dapat memepercepat Koneksi dan Multilingual

Free internet calls without installation.
Download Portable Skype 5 Online from MegaUpload (0.2 MB)
On first screen enter:
Download Portable Skype 4 from MegaUpload (13.0 MB)
(md5: 4f28a6561abbae0add6ea0cfd166aa69)
Download Portable Skype 3 from RapidShare (12.2 MB)
(md5: e79812518a03fdb0d291185cf22909f7)
Extract and run SkypePortable.
Multi-Users: Edit SkypePortable.ini with User=NameOfNewUser (Default is Skype)
Don't forget to close in systray when leaving.
Settings of installed Skype should be preserved.

Extract and run ClownfishPortable.
Language set by launcher according UserDefaultLang (if you don't want: write UserDefaultLang=false in ClownfishPortable.ini).
Settings of installed Clownfish should be preserved.

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