Saturday, July 24, 2010

[TUTORIAL] : Join splitted file with FFSJ.

[TUTORIAL] : Join splitted file with FFSJ.

How to join split parts together?

All split parts must have the same name, except for their extensions (.001, .002, .__a, .__b, etc.). Joining split parts is equivalent to restoring original file.

1. Switch to the “Joining” tab:
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2. Select the first split part (.001 or .__a file). There are several ways to select the first split part:
- Choose the first part from open dialog
- Drag the first part from Windows Explorer and drop to the “Joining” tab
- Edit the first part name directly
- If you have FFSJ-standard installed, you can right click a split part and click “Join” from Shell context menu.
3. Check the list of split parts from drop-down list.
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4. Setup parameters according to your preference: Change output file, specify your split parts are in different locations, etc.
5. Click “Join” button, enter the password if your split parts are password-protected, and wait until File Joiner complete the task. You will see the message:
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6. Done.
I recommend you to download and use FFSJ Lite instead of installed version. FFSJ lite is better than HJ Split. Click button to download.

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